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1 - Tale of Two Cities Questions introduction. How heroic is Sydney Carton’s death?
Very, he did nothing wrong and didn’t have to be asked to take Darnay’s place. Also, saving Darnay is out of Carton’s character and shows his true affections for Lucie through his actions. 2. The story takes place in two cities: London and Paris. What makes one city different from the other? In Paris, there is a sense of urgency and unfairness. The city is filled with a people either extremely poor or extremely wealthy. In London, there is less rebellion, and less of a class divide. Citizens of Paris are angry and feel a sense of unity with one another. Citizens of London live mediocre lives. 3. Why does Dickens describe Madame Defarge in her early scenes as “seeing nothing”? Madame Defarge is described as seeing nothing because of her innocent façade. She uses this façade to hide her rage and emotion. 4. Why is Charles Darnay able to see the unfairness of the class structure and then able to remove himself from it? Darnay is able to see the unfairness of the class structure because he was born at a time when the wealthy are despised. He doesn’t want to live life being hated and settles for a middle class life. 5. Carton misused his youthful promise and believes he is unredeemable. Does this view of himself change? If so, how? Carton’s view of himself changes when he decides to give his life for Darnay. He then becomes filled with confidence and purpose. 6. Why do the revolutionaries call themselves Jacques?

So that the people around them will not know their real names and so that the other revolutionaries will know they are on the same side. 7. How does the story relate to real life?
Similar to the book, the upper class is resented by the lower class. Also, America is going through a financial crisis as France is “A Tale of Two Cities”. 8. Lucie finds faith in Carton after he confides in her. Does Lucie come to understand Carton? How? Lucie is a very understanding, loving person. She sympathizes with Carton; she understands his loneliness because she was without her father for so many years. She also attempts to understand his feelings of worthlessness. However, she does not accept his marriage proposal, showing that she still does not feel enough sympathy for him to marry him. 9. What is Defarge’s motive in betraying Doctor Manette?


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The Defarges betray Dr. Manette because of Madame’s bloodthirsty attitude and Monsieur’s devotion to his wife. She is determined avenge her brother and sister no matter what, and despite their respect for Dr. Manette, his testimony is the key to achieving that goal. 10. A Tale of Two Cities opens with “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” one of the best-known passages in English literature. What does Dickens mean by setting the stage with such opposites? Dickens set the stage with it was the best of times; it was the worst of times to show the enormous class divide in the two countries, England and France. The wealthy are having the best time possible and the poor are having the worst.

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