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Tattoo and Pierce Your Workplace

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  • Pages 3
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    “Look, she/he has tattoos and piercings everywhere; they must be in a cult or worship the devil. ” Sound familiar? Maybe your grandparents or even parents have spoken these very words to you, but what is the big deal? Why are tattoos/piercings frowned upon, especially in the workplace? Tattoos/piercings should be allowed to be shown in the work place because it’s unconstitutional if you can’t, they’re becoming more and more popular, and they don’t harm anyone. To begin with, many people think discrimination has been long gone. Discrimination is still very relevant in today’s society.

    If you are declined a job because of something that’s apart of you, that’s discrimination. We have a little something here in the United States called the First Amendment, also known as Freedom of expression. Take note that it’s the “First” amendment, not the third or twenty-fifth, the first. That obviously means that freedom of expression is very important. So, if people express themselves by putting artwork on their body or piercing their skin, then why when we walk into work do we have to pretend like it is some big sin to have a marking on your body?

    That’s like telling someone they have to cover their birthmark up before they walk into work. If we are allowed to show our tattoos off in stores or in most public schools, then why should you have to cover them at work, when the first amendment tells us it’s okay to express ourselves? People say that having tattoos or piercings in a professional setting is unprofessional, but you can also say that having your hair long and curly is unprofessional. What’s the difference between having your ears pierced and having you nose or lip pierced? Frowning upon tattoos/ piercings in the workplace is simply unconstitutional.

    Secondly, tattoos and piercings in today’s times don’t symbolize what they used to. In your grandparents time, or maybe even your parents time, if you had a tattoo you obviously were a criminal/prostitute/ or biker. Today it is more common to have a tattoo than to not have a tattoo. In modern times, tattoos are just considered art and the body is considered a blank sheet. Art has affected society in many positive ways, so why can’t body art be as important. Just because someone has a tattoo doesn’t mean they have committed a serious crime anymore, it may just mean that they like to display something meaningful to them.

    Lastly, tattoos/ piercings don’t harm anyone. Just because someone has a tattoo doesn’t mean they are more likely to start a riot then a person without one. If you see someone walking down the street with a tattoo, it doesn’t mean you have to clutch your purse a little bit tighter. Now, I understand that a devout Muslim doesn’t want to see a cross on someone’s body, but that’s no different than having an “Ichthus” on your bumper sticker. Does that mean you aren’t allowed to drive in the parking lot of your place of employment with a religious bumper sticker?

    The simple truth is someone is always offended by something, but does that mean that you shouldn’t be allowed to enter your job with a stud in your nose and ink on your arms? No, it doesn’t. It’s just another form of art, like someone having a painting on their body; it’s not going to kill anyone. Tattoos and piercing should be allowed in the work place because its constitutional, they are more popular, and they don’t harm anyone. A job shouldn’t hold you back from expressing yourself. You’re not a bad person because you have a tattoo, it’s just art. Show it off, even at work.

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