Teacher – A Philosophical Concept.

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As an individual it is important to analyze and prioritize personal values, however, it becomes more crucial when that individual is a teacher affecting the lives of the future generations to come. Having the opportunity to shape young minds every day is one of my favorite aspects of being a teacher. It is important for teachers to have their own philosophy when in the classroom and I it is critical for students to be assisted by the educational system not only academically, but also emotionally and socially as well. I believe that when being a teacher, you need to be open to becoming a life-long student and role model.

When thinking about what kind of teacher I want to be, my main focus is being able to influence my students to the best of my ability. All students learn differently which is why it could be a challenge to reach every student equally. There is no specific mold each child should fit into but it is my job to be able to adapt to their style of learning in order to teach them as proficiently as I can. Although there are many philosophies that a teacher may follow, I feel that concepts of progressivism fit my style of teaching. “When following this philosophy, teachers identify what each student’s interests and concerns are and try to shape problems around them.” It is important to know what type of student I am teaching before focusing on the subject matter and to be able to acclimate with each individual. My approach to this teaching style will help motivate students to focus on having a plan for handling different situations that they must carry out in various actions. This will guide them as they learn how to go through the problems. A main goal of mine will be to prepare students for decision-making problems throughout their life and make sure they can do this effectively.

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My job as a teacher is to bring out a students success that is within them. In doing this I believe it is essential that I address emotional and social development and teach them logical ways to manage and deal with numerous situations they will have to face. As a teacher I will give my students guidance when solving problems but I will also highlight the importance of them making their own decisions. Providing my students a variety of options when solving a problem will ultimately improve their self-development.

I strongly believe in the importance of giving my students the best learning environment I can. It is essential that students feel comfortable enough to ask questions and be able to be themselves in my classroom. I don’t want my students to dread coming to my class but to be excited and willing to learn. I will also take into consideration that education and the way of learning are always changing; therefore, it is important to be open to modification and further improvement. Working in a school for a year now I have realized how much I have learned from both my students and fellow teachers. Collaboration is a vital aspect of a student’s success and can come in many different forms. As a teacher I will constantly be working with other teachers, parents, administrators or coaches all for the students benefit. I feel becoming involved in the school community and the students’ life outside of the classroom could only benefit them. The progressivism philosophy of teaching takes into account the interests of the students and creates problems focused around those interests.

Teachers may have a different philosophy when it comes to their teaching style, but what is the most important aspect is putting the student first in every situation. As education is constantly changing it is crucial that we are changing with it while focusing on bettering ourselves as well as our students.

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