Teaching as a Professional Career Essay

The factors that define teaching as a professional career are as follows, knowledge of content - Teaching as a Professional Career Essay introduction. Teachers are expected to know the material that is being taught and by having knowledge of content, a teacher will be able to have a thorough understanding of the subjects being taught and will be able to relay the information to the students. The second factor that defines teaching as a professional career is emphasis on decision making.

Teachers, on a daily basis will have to make decisions on many things while teaching school, for example, he or she will have to determine what to give students for homework or what students may need tutoring or work for extra credit to bring up their grade average. Reflection is also a very important factor because it helps improve the effectiveness of the teacher. To me this means that teachers must regularly examine what has worked and what hasn’t in the classroom and then take that and turn it into something positive.

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Teaching as a Professional Career
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By doing this a teachers can develop concrete goals in which they can begin to focus on. Autonomy is another factor that defines teaching as a professional career. Teachers will be working closely with students and by doing this, it will promote teacher involvement in the decision making processes, it will also increase opportunities for peer collaboration, discussion and debate of real school issues (Anderson, L. W. 1987). These factors are very important when defining teaching as a professional career.

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