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Teaching by Pantun

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USING PANTUN IN TEACHING ENGLISH ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING Abstract I. INTRODUCTION The traditional view of pantun as one of the most sophisticated forms of literary and linguistic expression, makes it by definition inaccessible to all but the most advanced language learners. Even then, the wealth of literary allusions, historical references and cultural assumptions typically found in the works of great, it can limit comprehension greatly for the native speaker (NS) and non-native speaker (NNS) alike. As Brindley (1980) points out: Poems often deal with geographical or social settings alien to the students’ experience.

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Teaching by Pantun
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Perhaps the greatest barrier to understanding poetry. II. RESEARCH PROBLEM 1. How is the effectiveness teaching english by using pantun? 2. How is the process teaching english by using pantun? 3. Are the students motivated learning english by using pantun? III. METHOD OF RESEARCH A. Form of Research According to Best (1977) A descriptive method is described and interpreted what it is concerned with the conditions and relationship that exist, opinions that are held, process that are going on, effect that are evident.

And Natsir (1983:63) “Descriptive study as studying the problem in the environment, the system, certain situation, include the relation of some activities, attitudes, views or opinions, processes that is happening and also influences of a phenomena” Also Isaac and Michael (1980:18) “the purpose of Descriptive study is to describe systematically the fact and characteristic of a given population or area of interest, factually and accurately”. After considering some theories of descriptive study above, the researcher fines the appropriate method.

The appropriate method is “a descriptive method”. I also use pre experimental study Is concerned with how the design is implemented and how the research is carried out. The methodology used often determines the quality of the data set generated. Methodology specifies: 1. When and how often to collect data 2. Construction of data collection measures 3. Identification of the sample or test population 4. Choice of strategy for contacting subjects 5. Selection of statistical tools 6. Presentation of findings

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