The Teaching Profession Understanding

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Teaching is the highest form of understanding. It may be easy to get into the profession of teaching, but being a good teacher is not easy. Normally, it takes a long time to acquire the characteristics of a good teacher. Sadly, experience does not make everyone a great teacher.

However, it is important for everyone in the teaching profession to try to excel, as life could not sustain itself in an absence of good teachers. Great teaching demands many things from professional educators including subject knowledge, caring attitudes, classroom techniques, commitment, and desire to make a difference in the lives of young people. No wonder it is hard to find great teachers. Good teachers are well organized and have clear ideas about their daily teaching plans, assignments, and grading policies.

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Their structured lessons and assignments offer many opportunities for students to learn new skills. Those seeking excellence in teaching continue to gain additional knowledge of their subjects and instill this desire in their students, too. Good teachers always push their students to strive for their goals. They will always motivate them to trust their own abilities, take chances, and experiment with different approaches. (what makes a great teacher? ) Great teachers are accessible to their students even outside of their classrooms and after school.

Their concern for their students is not confined to their own subjects but extends to the extracurricular activities in which their students are involved as well. Their good communication with students and parents helps them understand students’ concerns. For good teachers, teaching is not much different from parenting. Instead of complaining about students’ lack of abilities and manners and teachers’ long work hours, good teachers accept all of these as challenges. For great teachers, all students are equal.

Everyone knows that it is difficult to efine and practice good teaching, but at the same time, we must realize that no society can progress without it. Teachers are supposed to be dedicated individuals, devoted to giving more than they receive. Teaching is an unsung profession. (what makes a great teacher) Teachers are expected to go above and beyond the call of duty. A professional teacher has their own unique way of teaching. A good professional teacher should be accepting and understanding of all students in the classroom. Some students have issues which cause them to act out in the classroom.

That being said, a good teacher should be patient as well. In a good teacher’s classroom, lessons are well-planned, a good classroom management system is in place, and the students are engaged in learning and exploring. Students will look forward to going to class and learning. (how to become a better teacher) A good teacher promotes life-long learning, and teaches students how to learn and gain knowledge rather than just having them memorize lists and facts. Furthermore, a good teacher knows his or her students and can recognize when something is wrong with a student and tries to help that student in every way possible.

A good teacher realizes that this is a job where you don’t just go through the motions. (qualities of a good teacher) In my understanding, teaching is like no other profession. As a teacher, you will wear many hats. You will, to name but of a few of the roles teachers assume in carrying out their duties, be a communicator, a disciplinarian, an evaluator, a classroom manager, a counselor, a member of many teams and groups, a decision-maker, a role-model, and a surrogate parent. Each of these roles requires practice and skills that are often not taught in teacher preparation programs.

Not all who want to be teachers should invest the time and resources in teacher training or teacher preparation programs if they do not have the appropriate temperament, skills, and personality. One thing for sure, it’s about more than loving kids. Make no mistake; as a teacher, your day doesn’t necessarily end when the school bell rings. If you’re conscientious, you will be involved in after school meetings, committees, assisting students, grading homework, assignments, projects, and calling parents. If you’re committed to excellence as a teacher, it’s a sacrifice you can live with.

If not, you will be uncomfortable at best. From my own teaching experience and teaching many hundreds of others and thousands of students, there emerge common threads of understanding and skill that good teachers weave into Teaching Profession an effective personal style of teaching. Teaching is not a job, it is a lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that only the most dedicated and tolerant can be good at.

We live in a culture that places the teaching profession at the bottom. Regardless of the fact that almost all people within our society and culture are deeply influenced by a teacher at some point in their lives. Other cultures place great prestige upon their teachers. Not here in New York City. I am a teacher, and will be one until I’m ready to leave or the nonsense simply drives me away or insane. Where are all the good teachers!

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