Technical Communication Analysis Essay

I am researching the feasibility of cold fusion as a clean source of energy.

Steven Krivit and Nadine Winocur, The Rebirth of Cold Fusion, Pacific Oaks Press 2004

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This book is written for the lay reader who has no technical knowledge about cold fusion.  The book first discusses the discovery of cold fusion by Drs - Technical Communication Analysis Essay introduction. Martin Fleischman and Stanley Pons in 1989 using a simple table top electrolysis method to generate heat through a cathode made from palladium.   Much controversy was generated by Drs. Fleischman’s and Pons’ experiment when they presented their findings to the scientific community.  Most physicists at the time were working on ways to harness energy from hot fusion reactors and were very skeptical of Fleischman’s and Pons’ claims for cold fusion.  The fact that Fleischman and Pons were electro-chemists and are not physicists did not help their case either.  Both men were excoriated by physicists working on hot fusion reactors and were eventually run out of academia.  The book makes the case that cold fusion is a reality and that Fleischman’s and Pons’ experiment has been duplicated hundreds of times by physicists in many nations.  The main thesis of the book is that research funding should be allocated to develop cold fusion as a viable clean energy source.  The author emphasizes that that unlike current nuclear power reactors that use fission to create energy and result in toxic radioactive wastes as by-products that cold fusion creates no toxic by-products and, thus, should be where research dollars go instead of adding more to the billions that have already been spent trying to create hot fusion reactors that would also leave toxic radioactive wastes as by-products of the fusion reactions.

Edmund Storms. The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, World Scientific Publishing 2007

This book is written more like a text book and goes into great technical depth about the research that has been done on cold fusion reactions.  The author, Edmund Storms, is a renowned physicist who has worked for the Los Alamos National Laboratory.  Storms is a firm believer in the potential for cold fusion and has spent many years researching and experimenting with cold fusion techniques.  Storms elaborates on the initial rejection by science and the media of cold fusion and defends the ground breaking research done by Drs. Fleischman and Pons.  Most of the book is a review of all of the cold fusion research that has been done since 1989 and the various results this research has produced.  Although Storms admits that the scalability of cold fusion as a commercially viable energy source is years in the making, he strongly believes that research in cold fusion should be an integral part of searches for alternative energy sources.

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