Technical Problems & Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents have become a problem that worries the people and KSA government, because they cost the government a lot of money. Also, traffic accidents kill and injure many people. “19 road deaths per 100,000 populations” is the world average. “According to Al-Qahtani, 484,805 accidents occurred on the Kingdom’s roads in 2009, with 6,142 people dying”  and the age of the people who die are between “18 and 30 years” . In addition, traffic accidents increase the number of disabled people, which is “1,481 disables”.

Traffic accidents in KSA are caused by many causes and one of them is technical problems. Every day, the technology gets a step forward to make our life easier. On the other hand, it may make the life dangerous. In 2008, the technical problems caused about 5 percent of traffic accident according to the figure, but after a period of time, they may get more than 5 percent. So, I’m going to discuss these problems in this report, which will mention the most common causes, effects and solutions in KSA. Also, I will compare and contrast the solutions to recommend the best solution for KSA and show how can be applied.

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Causes and effects of technology car accidents

There are many causes of technical problems in KSA. One of the main causes is the tires problems, which are underinflated and worn tires. One of universities has estimated that “1. 4% of all auto accidents could be attributed to underinflated tires”. So, the driver have to be careful about the underinflated, because it increase the risk and it may cause a puncture. Unfortunately, that happen a lot in highways, because “the volume of any gas is increasing with the temperature” , then, the tire explode like a balloon.

Also, “when a tread on a tire is worn down to 16mm, there is not enough tread left to provide safe wet traction”. According to that, there will not be enough groove depth left to handle the water and the tire will hit a puddle on the road. Indeed, these two problems in the tires will caused a puncture and they may cause an accident. The second cause is with airbag sensors. “General Motors is recalling nearly 1 million cars, after 130 people were injured by air bags bursting open without any crash”. In KSA, I have heard that a lot, when the airbag sensors are so sensitive.

As a result, the airbag opens suddenly to surprise the driver and it will prevent him to see his way. Finally, the third cause is bad brake, which is the most common in the south region of KSA, because of the high rain rate and many accidents happen by braking problems. Because “The hydraulic and mechanical components in your brake system also have a limited service life” and metal components can rust and corrode. So, when you have a leak and apply the brakes, the system may cause the brakes to fail because of loss of hydraulic pressure and that may cause a collective traffic accident.

For example, five years later, a collective traffic accident happened in Al-Baha, because the rain has break down the brake and there were many people injured. B. Effects : There are many effects of that causes and they influence on the KSA future. The first effect is the people who get injured or death. KSA is losing its sons in these accidents and 8. 2% of traffic accidents are caused by tire defectives according to the figure. The second effect is the economic effect. “The financial cost of accidents is three times as much of the combined expenditure of education and health sectors in the Kingdom.

The financial loss caused by traffic accidents exceeds SR20 billion annually”. So, these effects will be as a threat of the KSA economy. Therefore, they have to find solutions for this problem to save the people and the economy of the country.

Solutions of technology car accidents

There are many solutions of the technical problems in car accidents in KSA and they divide to two types, companies’ solutions and people solutions. One of the companies’ solutions is studying and testing the product in different conditions and that will discover the faults.

As a result, the percentage of error will incline to the minimum and the customer will be safe. Another companies’ solution is marking the original products and tell the customer about it, because the original one has better quality and less problems. In addition, the bogus products are now common and the customer could not know the difference between them. So, we will reduce the number of technical problems. On the other hand, we have a solution from the people, which is the cars maintenance annually.

As a result, this solution will decrease the technical problems, because the driver will know about the service life of some parts, which are done or almost done. So, he can change or fix those parts before getting any defect in the car.

Compare and Contrast the solutions

There are many similarities of these solutions. All of them will decrease the technology traffic accidents. Indeed, they will decrease the deaths and injured people. Also, they will save a lot of money and the government cost will decrease.

Similarly, they will make the future of KSA better. On the other hand, there are many differences between these solutions. The first two solutions are depending on the companies, but the third one is depending on the people. The second solution is much easier and costing less money than the other solutions. The third solution is periodic, while the others are not. Additionally, the third solution gives the driver an overview of the vehicle.

The best solution

The best solution for KSA is the cars maintenance annually and there many reasons for that. Firstly, this solution is easy to apply for any driver because it just needs to do it once per year. Secondly, it gives the driver an overview about his vehicle and let him expect the problems before they happen. This solution also will decline the number of deaths and injured people because the technical problems will decrease. As a result, that will change KSA future to be better and it will advance the economic, because it will save a lot of money and people. Conclusion In conclusion, I chose this topic, because there are many unaware people about the dangers of technical problems.

So, I have mentioned the causes, effects and solutions of technical problems in KSA. Additionally, I compared and contrasted between these solutions to get the best one. Also, I showed how the best solution can be applied for KSA. In my opinion, this solution will make our life and future better, because it will save the people and the money. Now, we have the solution, which will decrease the traffic accidents by 5% and we just need to apply it in KSA.


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