Technical writing basics - Part 2

Department of Information Technology

College of Information and Communications Technology

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Boston, Massachusetts

                                                                                              October 27, 2008


Head, Department of Information Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Boston, Massachusetts

Dear Professor Smith:

            Good greetings!

            Relative to the preparation of the report on the recent survey that has been conducted to determine the level of implementation of the three-year tax information technology program in the State as a requirement of the Course, please be informed that the undersigned shall make use of the undergraduate thesis format. Through this format, the readers shall have a clearer view and understanding of the study, the results and the implications.

In the report, the undersigned shall present the background of the study which will give the overview of the research conducted, the discussion of the related literature and studies, the objective analysis of the survey results backed by appropriate statistical tool, the findings, the conclusions and the recommendations of the study.

            In this connection, the undersigned shall discuss through a power point presentation the entire study conducted, the processes and the concepts. Hence, the undersigned requests your kind approval for the use of the audio visual room and its facilities on the 10th of November, 2008.

            I hope that this request merits your kind consideration.

            Thank you and more power.

                                                                                               Very truly yours,

                                                                                              ALEXIS M. CORNELL


Copy furnished:

Mr. Michael C. Cua

Dean, College of Info. and Comm. Tech.


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