Technical writing basics

Dear Mr Nauman,

This is in reply to your letter recently received inquiring about the warranty service on the Dynamo electric guitar which you bought for your son - Technical writing basics introduction. According to you, the instrument did not work well and therefore you asked for a replacement.

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For this purpose, our warranty department analyzed the condition of the guitar. According to the destroyed state of the guitar, we can confidently say that it is the customer, you and your son as in this case, who has damaged the guitar themselves.

According to the department, previously the instrument had a blue sparkle polyester finish on it. We scrutinized the instrument sent by you and noticed it to be covered polyurethane finish applied using a house-paint brush. Moreover, the wires were found in a ruined state which affected the tone controls. Due to this, the guitar is not working appropriately and makes a buzz at 440 hertz.

Since, apparently it looks as if the customer himself tried to damage the instrument so as to benefit with a replacement. Therefore, keeping in view the state of the instrument and the efforts put in to the damage it, no replacement is entertained.


Roxette Jones,

Service Manager.


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