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Technology: a Helpful Weapon Essays

When it comes to technology, the first thing that would pop-up in everyone’s mind is computer. Computer technology has evolved dramatically over the years and has significantly changed the way our society interacts. Research, social interaction, and shopping have been revolutionized through the magic of the computer age. As technology advances, it transforms and improves society. Computer-related technology allows for enhancement of social functions previously difficult or impossible to execute. Computers have also accelerated productivity. Much less time is required nowadays to research information.
Many in search of jobs and careers have reaped the rewards of computer technology. For too long, finding information about various careers was very difficult and painstaking, but the computer has revolutionized the job-search process. People now have access to virtually endless information on the career of their choice. This has permitted freer access to career opportunities that is appropriate for their lifestyle. People now can locate thousand of jobs opportunities from their personal computers. One other component of careers that has been influenced by computers is the development.
In sum, Alonso’s’ article on supporting examinations proved to be an effective one. It serves to inform the reader to make sense of why examinations are an important part of our academic system. The writer uses enough information and examples to present her point of view on the topic. After the completion of reading this article, a reader could easily see the authors’ point of view even if they don’t agree. The most effective writing in the article has to be the last paragraph. In that paragraph the author wrote that, “examinations are a learning experience for the students. ” (LBR, pg. 318)

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