Technology Advancement

Thanks to the technology advancement in recent years, our community is now enjoying huge benefits from various innovative electrical products. Tablets such as ipads are good examples. These portable devices give us access to numerous sources of information instantly and make our lives a lot easier when compared to the old days.

They allow interaction amongst people all over the world regardless their physical locations. To our experience, however, there is no free lunch. Together with all these advantages that technology brings along, we are facing other issues including privacy, social interaction and health problems.Let us look at them one by one.

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First of all, the use of the said portable devices gives rise to lots of privacy issues. Whilst people communicate and share information using these devices via connection, we are unavoidably taking risks as our personal information is exposed to network service providers, as well as many other internet users. Many users fail to make use of privacy settings at all, leaving them much more vulnerable to online predators. These personal information may include not only our identities, phone numbers, but also our daily habits.

Once these information falls in the hands of the law offenders, it may cost us money and probably great deal of pressure and inconvenience. Secondly, people are spending, sometimes wasting, more hours on the electrical products nowadays. They frequently use these products not only for works but also for entertainment. We can now often see people on vehicles and on streets playing candy crush on their tablets and smart phones.

Many people also choose to shop and watch videos online instead of outdoor activities.Electronic interaction, to certain extent, displaces social interaction and keeps people apart. The lack of face-to-face communication undermines interpersonal skills such as reading of body language. Thirdly, the increased popularity of portable devices is harming our health in many different ways.

Apart from the adverse impact owing to radioactivity, many Hong Kong people are suffering from disorder of skeletal system and some kinds of eye diseases. Medical professionals have explained in various media that long hours using ipads could be putting our sight and neck at high risk.The harm it may bring could be lifelong and affecting one’s ability to work. From the discussion above, we understand the possible detriment that we are facing despite the advantages of technology improvement.

Whilst technological innovation is fundamental to the development of a society, it’s best that we have an idea of the risks and how to avoid them. We should adjust our habits to make our time spent on the various technological devices safer and more rewarding. This is the key to maximise the benefits of technology advancement and making the whole thing fruitful to the community.

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