Technology in the Classroom - Part 2

Jourdan Lemons Cause/Effect Topic: Technology in the classroom space Audience: education class Purpose: to analyze, explain, describe Being a busy mother I know that I am guilty of handing my child an electronic of some sort such as; the IPad to keep him quiet while I get housework done - Technology in the Classroom introduction. However I don’t know how I would feel if that were take place in his classroom; bringing technology into the classroom. Even though we had computers in the 90s, technology was fairly new and underdeveloped; we did not have smartphones and access to much information via technology.

But I feel like as I progressed into high school and the technology was on the rise if something were to happen to the computer (which happened often) I was still taught the basic foundations on completing whatever task that was, without relying on the computer or other electronics like a calculator. I knew how to research information using encyclopedias and other books. Furthermore, I feel like bringing IPads, smart boards, and computers into the classroom space take away from the overall learning experience.

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Although there are some positive effects on utilizing technology in the classroom, I feel the negative effects technology can cause more harm than good to our kids learning in the future. Because of technology in the classroom space it can lead to incompetence in school, which could ultimately lead to a sole dependency on technology and other gadgets that would ultimately lead to laziness. Because technology is so advance, and our kids were born into a technology craze it is recommended that as adults we do some research on the effects these gadgets can have on our kids in the long run.

For example if we allow Ipads in the class to teach our kids how to write what exactly are they learning? Because learning on a computer and learning from a teacher are two different styles of learning. Even though I am no expert when it comes to technology I have trouble learning when I have a machine to help, the computer will do a majority of my work then when its time for me to take the test I cant do it on my own; and I think the same will apply for children.

Relying on another source to correct grammar or solve a basic addition problems will lead to incompetence everywhere they go, and I couldn’t imagine being held responsible for that. Relying on technology is just convenient but in no way shape or form should they be used to teach these kids basic foundations. There is an article written by Neil Postman called “from the end of education” getting more into the argument of having technology in the classroom or not.

Furthermore, in the article (278) Dr. Ravitch assures us that with all the technology surrounding us kids will be able to wake up in the middle of the night and learn algebra. Postman response is acknowledgeable he says “ what Ravitch is talking about here is not new technology but a new species of child…” and I agree with him there is no child that is going to wake up and say “hmm maybe I should learn model UN to put me to sleep” No they will however try to turn the TV on until they fall asleep.

Our kids are so far advanced in operating these gadgets that nothing is out of reach for them, and I think they are aware of this which leads to my next topic; laziness. Having access to infinite information via technology our kids don’t have to go to the library or move from the couch and with obesity on the rise for young children, that could possibly lead to bigger problems such as Type II Diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea, social discrimination, high cholesterol and/or blood pressure. After one or all have developed their grades will then begin to suffer, setting them up for failure; which can cause more emotional distress.

I just remember looking forward to going out searching for information at the museums or taking trips to the library and checking out a book; this information was not available to me at my fingertips but I know without the convenience of technology I can still get the job done, making me an asset to anybody’s work place. In conclusion I believe that postman has a valid point about not being so quick to bring technology into the classroom space, but that it can be an option, however should not be the main source for our kids to retain information because it could lead to bigger issues we refuse to look at.

I would like my child to be able to learn on his own, to know that if all of these gadgets disappear he would still be able to go out and research information on his own. Wouldn’t you like to have the same feeling for your kids? Work Cited Postman Neil. “ The end of Education” Readings for the 21st century: tomorrows issues for todays students, fourth edition. Eds. William Vesterman and Josh Ozersky, Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 2000. 277-283. Print.

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