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Technology or Human Interactions

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In a world where science and technology is the sole purpose of human’s existence is something we would not like to contemplate. Throughout the centuries that humans had existed, we had advanced from fashioning simple tools out of stones and marbles to today, where we had attained a feating technological advancements that what seems like an eternity to build a living space for all previously in the past would take only a few weeks now. One of the greatest theoretical physicist during the modern age is Albert Einstein.

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Technology or Human Interactions
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He highlighted a particular point which goes like this, “I fear the day where technology will surpass human’s interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”. There is no doubt that technology had increased the productivity rate of human beings using the least effort. However that being said, with the increased productivity rate, what would happen between the interaction of humans? Well, most likely, we would not be communicating with each other or even greet one another in the near future as the main priority of our existence is to be of something useful to the society.

Thus futile actions such as greeting each other would cease to happen. So, what might happen to the society in the near future? Will it be full of emotionless people where their sole purpose for existing on Earth is to bring our technological advancements to greater heights? Yes it is, there no other possible outcomes other than this. Therefore, despite the achievements that we had lift off, we had created a society in which emotions and feelings had been taken away.

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