Teen Suicide Among Asia

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Throughout the development of humans, adolescence has been the most influential period. Adolescence describes the ages from 13 to 19 and can be considered as the transition of teenagers. During the period, teenagers have both physical and psychological development. Puberty will change in a physical way but their thoughts might not be matured completely until them becoming legal adults.  From that point, suicide is a sensitive topic that people try to avoid even not to mention about it. But occurring a lot and leading to the certain negative results. It also became a “tendency” that most of the teenagers’ think of when they have an overwhelming mind. Therefore, Asia is one of the most continents that teen committed due to suicide has been occurring with the largest number in the world. This paper will be exploring more common reasons behind this statistic.

Is school depression really caused someone to commit suicide? School depression is not very strange in students’ live. The distance between students taking responsible and students being controlled over into education are close but the result is a huge difference. Suicide is considering as “taking one’s own life”, easy knowing that teen over depressed lead to commit suicide. There are so many teenagers out there kills themselves without giving any sign or warning. A lot of reasonable caused such as grade report competition, the parent’s expectation of their kids, being ashamed in front of their parents and friends, and over hours study after school, etc. According to Whitman says that the study, carried out by the Cabinet Office and based on government population data, looked at 18,048 child suicides from 1972 to 2013. It found clusters of suicides at the end of August and beginning of September, as well as mid-April dates marking the end of spring break, according to Japan School children suicides: After vacation, many young students kill themselves study finds” article.

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This research estimate about 20 percent of teen dealing with academic stress before they reach to be adulthood and about 12 percent of depression attempting caused to death. This happened when students have fear and anxiety failure in school also family.

“After finishing their normal school schooling hours from 8 am to 4 pm, they’d rush home for a quick meal and get ready for night classes at private schools. By the time they reach home, it’s already past midnight, and they’re living with a few hours of sleep before the next day starts.”(Ling).

“Most Asia countries have a high emphasis on school grade. However, South Korea takes it to a whole new level. This country very heavily focuses on academic excellence over anything else, and thus, parents have super high expectations toward their children’ result.” (Ling).

Friend bullying take a majority leading cause to death as well. Bullying is aggressive behavior by mouth or even intent to use violence against others. Most cases of the teenager suicide caused from parents, friends, and teachers’ fault. Bullying has been a part of the school, where the friend wants to show their power to other friends by words aggressive and by beating violent. There are numerous reasons for friend bullying to other friends. Some of the reasons can be mention as being ignored by school and parents, being looked down upon because of appearance, income, or even by self-feeling. This is an example of a Japanese teenager, has been bullying by her friends. Her life is no deference to living in hell. Most cases of suicide resulted from bullying or criticized in school. According to a Japanese teenager victim:” In Japan, you have to fall in line with other people. And if you cannot do that, you’re either ignored or bullied”, ”she uniqueness every person has. But that uniqueness is not something to destroy.” (Wright). Another example proven was that while they hear someone talk badly about them, teenagers may get some psychological disorders leading to depressed, day by day, they might think of it would be better for them not exist in the world.

Youth couple relationship attempted to suicide have been a very sensitive, sorrow, and fool topic for years. Because of the teenagers are having process turning into adults so that they have tons of negative thoughts form any kind of emotional, especially into personal relationship of youth people. Some reasons caused to sorrowful result are: Teen break up, teen got cheated on other, teen pregnancy under 18 which is not accepted in Asia, etc. An example of teenagers got cheated on opponents is a boy got caught by his girlfriend’s friend when he was hanging out with other girl. His girlfriend’s friend takes a picture a send to his girlfriend and she was immediately texted to him with hope to prove that that is fabricated evidence. Sadly, he admitted that. Day by day, that caused her to self-harm and one minute with a close mindset, she decided to kill herself as a committing suicide.

For every minute, there is 4 percent of teenagers commit suicide in the world. Suicides are common problems that people are fighting against it, but it also a sensitive topic that some people try to not talk or mention about it. Suicides have taken away a great number of people in new generation, and have taken a lot the contributors to the world, also have caused inerasable scars to the victim’s family. However, this issue is not easy to solve because there are a tons of factor hiding behind it. Therefore, this issue would be reducing somehow if everyone put their care into others. Everyone should be altruistic for the benefits of the world. Please do not be a bystander when you see someone who is seeking for help.

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