Teen Suicide Rate Increase! Essay

Suicide is a word that catches many people’s attention, but not many people realise how much suicide is happening in our local community - Teen Suicide Rate Increase! Essay introduction. There are so many people taking their own lives these days due to bullying. It sounds stupid right? Young teenagers taking their lives because of bullying, doesn’t make any sense does it? No one knows how much bullying a single person for a stupid reason can destroy a single person’s life.

Anyone can bully and anyone can be bullied, it’s impossible to even try and imagine what a person could go through getting bullied every day and getting told they’re not good enough, even getting told to kill yourself. What if this was you that was getting told all of this? What if it was you getting called ‘fat and ugly’? How would you like to get told that you’re not worth or and that you’re not good enough?. Having this said to you would make you feel like crap, but what if this was said to you constantly every single day?

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Teen Suicide Rate Increase!
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Eventually you would get sick of it all and you would want to end it all but you feel like the only escape is to leave everyone behind and just to commit suicide. I personally believe that suicide is just a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I don’t have a personal experience from suicide, but I personally do know a guy who has attempted suicide many times, more than twice, he has been in hospital from over dosing, he has depression and anxiety. He gets ullied every day, he gets threats, he gets told to kill himself, he lives his life scared of people, scared that someone is going to do something to him once again. He had all of this happening since he was 15 he is now 19. Everyone knows that bullying won’t last forever, sometimes it will get tough and you actually will struggle but once all the bullying stops you would be happy that you still have your whole life ahead of you and that you don’t have to worry about it all anymore.

You won’t have to worry about the pain every day, your depression and anxiety would all go away after a while. Than you always would be able to think back and be glad that you never took your own life to those pathetic people that were bullying you or tyring to ruin your life. Bullying should be stopped completely! There is no need to bully someone, so next time you say something mean to someone or next time you go to bully someone just try and think about the consequences.

Think about how much guilt you would have if that person decided to kill themselves, would you be honest enough to stand up and say that you were one of the people that bullied them, called them names and told them they weren’t worth it? Would you be able to give a good explanation of why you bullied them? And why the really deserved all the pain they went through? Would you be able to face their parents, friends, siblings and family to explain everything? So maybe next time you go to say something to someone you should think twice about it.

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