Teenage Fashion in Winter

There are different ways, the piece of fabric, called the scarf or muffler can be of such importance when it comes to teenager’s fashion especially in winter - Teenage Fashion in Winter introduction. Winter brings the cold chilly air of excitement that seeps through teenager’s undying will of bringing unique trendy fashion in style. Scarves or mufflers are never out of fashion. This is specifically very important since no teenager wants to wear anything remotely out of fashion. Every year or season fashion keeps on changing but scarves have never been out of fashion.

Teenagers of both the genders love to wear scarves. There are so many different patterns imprinted on them that boys as well as girls can have their favorite pick to go with any of their dress ups. The slightly thick scarves, known as mufflers, which are woolly and soft make it wrap fashionably perfectly around the neck and shoulders. When winter’s right round the corner, the streets or the local market or super malls will be filled with scarves and mufflers of all sorts.

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It’s very convenient for teenagers since it’s never out of fashion and they never have to look far to buy a scarf. It can be purchased at a very reasonable price and it’s efficient and it keeps the body warm in winter. These scarves and mufflers can be found anywhere and they can be bought with a good price or even cheaper. This is important since teenagers have to consider the amount of limited money or allowance they have in their pockets. It’s efficient to carry around as well. They can be easily folded and put in the bag.

Scarves and mufflers are very comforting too in winter. It keeps the wind off the chest and neck. Teenagers are always on the go, going here and there, so the scarves or mufflers become a protective shield from the cold harsh winter wind. Scarves or mufflers go with any outfits teenagers wear. It can be worn round the head or tied with a knot round the neck or simply wrapped around the shoulders. It can help give off an elegant look by wearing with a gown or a dress. Teenage Boys can wear it instead of a tie even with formal dresses like the suit or t-shirts.

But teenagers of the masculine side usually tend to look casual and neat at the same time which makes the mufflers or scarves a very important attire. The unbuttoned t-shirt trend was out of fashion thanks to the scarves. Teenage girls can choose to wear it at a party or a family dinner, or at a restaurant. It can go with tops and jeans or with a skirt or salwar kameez or coat or even suits. Depending on how it’s worn, it can be twirled in a huge bundle round the neck to give off a heavy posh look or it can be casually tied with a knot to give off a light carefree look.

The different types of style you can do with scarves are endless and that’s why teenagers love it. Although scarves or mufflers play a very important part in teenager’s fashion in winter, teenagers face competitions and usually get left out. Many teenagers try to catch up with the trend but some people are always left behind. Then there is the problem with competitions among the teens, they aren’t satisfied unless they look better than the rest of the crowd. So, these teenagers might tend to avoid scarves just to look more unique among their fellow peers.

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