telecommunication marekt mobile phone network services0 Essay

from our understanding of the secondray data available on the mobile telecommunication market, select two segments that you believ will enable your client to penetrate the market successfully.your choice of segment will need to be supported by both relevant secondray and primary data, where appropriate. you will also need to provide a detailed description (or profile) of the two consumer groups chosen together with their current perceptions of the product and the possible benefits to them of owing a mobile phone.

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telecommunication marekt mobile phone network services0
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2. develop a package of marketing proposals for your client in the form of a marketing plan. the plan should include your ideas for positioning the product/package for both target customer groups and your ideas for promoting the product both up to and after its launch

Further guidance.

You need to access the two Mintel reports on the mobile phone market and read each of the three academic journal articles listed below.

You then need to incorporate into your report as much theory as you can from the Markets & Customers lectures and the general reading you have been doing to date together with the most interesting and relevant data from the Mintel reports and key issues from the acadimic journal articles.

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