Telecommunications: Health Economics

* A description of telecommunications- transmission and reception of information over the air or through cables. Telecommunications includes television, telephone, the Internet, and other media (In High Definition: A-Z Guide to Personal Technology, 2006). * * * Examples of technology used in your workplace- Technology in health care is found in many places. In a home care setting we often utilize automatic blood pressure measuring devices, small blood glucose monitors, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and the Telehelth system.

The telehealth monitor is composed of these devices in a unique system. * * Advantages- Computerized records can be accessed more quickly by those who need them. Computerized medication records have decreased the nurses’ need to carry large amounts of paperwork related to medication administration. Information regarding allergies, drug interactions, and concerns are often immediately available. There are programs that facilitate physician orders, eliminating handwriting errors and difficulties deciphering. * Disadvantages- There are problems with computerized data systems.

Some are designed without the input of direct caregivers and are often time-consuming and cumbersome to use. * Importance of telecommunications in health care- Telecommunications is very important in health care. The ability to gather and analyze health-related information and data via computer, phone, or fax for improved patient care is critical. Although technology is expensive it offers many opportunities in managing health care cost. Combining clinical skills with technological skills can provide significant advantages to the success of health care.

It can also open up new avenues to providing cost-effective outcome measurements. * * Where you see telecommunications in 5 years- * In 5 years I see a bright and promising future for telecommunications and health care. Innovations in nursing science combined with advances in information and communication technologies will provide home health care workers with the tools to increase contact with the communities they serve. * * * telecommunications. (2006). In High Definition: A-Z Guide to Personal Technology. Retrieved from http://www. credoreference. com/entry/hmhighdef/telecommunications

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