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Television History

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The start of the television market all began in 1897 by K.F. Braun. He invented the cathode ray tube which would become the screen of most television sets.

In 1925 C. Francis Jankins had used some ideas from a Scottish engineer, A. A. Campbell, to create images on the screens. The United States navy used this new technology to transfer images back and forth to its ships.

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Television History
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In 1929 David Sarnoff invested $50 million dollars into the development of television sets.

In 1935 Sarnoff committed RCA to the development of television sets. Several networks had to begun to form in Europe such as the British Broadcasting Corporation which provided the first television service. Programs were only shown for 3 hours per day. During the next year the united states set up eleven television stations. RCA demonstrated a television set at the New York World’s Fair were Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke before a camera becoming the first president to appear on television.

In 1940 the Colombian Broadcast company demonstrated its example of color television.

World War II brought the development of television to a stand still. All materials had to go to the war effort. At the end of the war NBC made the first made for television movie.

During the time between 1946 and 1951 the radio market was over taken by the demand for televisions. Over 3 million sets had been sold by 1951.

1950’s were the beginning of the color broadcast. They were done at night during the week days. In 1957 the first newscast was taped on video cassette changing the way television shows would be produced forever. In 1957 Public Television was formed.

Since then color television has been reinvented but still remains color television.

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