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Importance of Knowing Right Terminology

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    When and how will this new terminology as well as new knowledge apply to a future in the criminal justice field. With any type of career path one will have its own field of study. For each path there is going to be a specific terminology for each field. The path of a psychic and child protective case worker, one would say that they would have to be fully knowledgeable in the understanding of their terminology to do their job at the highest level. One could say this about every job including the criminal justice field. Why would one need to know these terms, if they were going in the criminal justice field.

    The answer is simple. The criminal justice field will use terminology that the everyday citizen will never even hear their whole lives. So it is important to know the terminology to do your job properly and efficiently. Let’s take a simple term that everyone should be familiar with the term is “variables” (1) which is a term that is likely to change or not consistent. One would say that they know the meaning. Now let’s take “criminal analysis” (2) determines who is doing what to whom by the focus being against a person rape, homicide, and robbery.

    This term is used in the criminal justice field and is not an everyday term known by the public. This is one of the reasons why the knowledge of terminology is so important in the criminal justice field. How will not knowing the proper terminology, effect how one will perform in the criminal justice field. The path in a criminal justice field career is, knowing and fully understanding how important terminology is in your field. One’s research and all of the information as well as the evidence in your case is the backbone in weather a guilty person or an innocent person will be convicted or set free.

    Knowing the correct terminology really could determine the outcome of a suspect life. Terminology is a very important in the criminal justice field one will see how a simple mistake can blow a whole case. A police officer goes on patrol. The police officer watches a vehicle run a stop sign. The police officer turns on his lights to let the vehicle know to pull over. The police officer approaches the vehicle and asked the suspect if he knew why he was pulled over. The suspect looks at the police officer and nervously says “I have no idea”.

    The police officer noticed that the driver was nervous, so the police officer runs the suspects drivers license. The police officer is informed by dispatch that the suspect driver’s license is suspended for drinking why under the influence. The police officer informs the suspect that he is driving on a suspended driver’s license. The police officer pulls the suspect out of the vehicle and informs that he will be performing a frisk for his safety. The police officer asked if he had anything in his pocket that he should be aware such as guns, knives, or anything that would poke him, the suspect said “no”.

    The officer was performing his frisk when he felt some type of pills in his right pocket. The officer asked the suspect what was in his pocket the suspect began to be very nervous and said “that’s nothing”. The officer then reached into the suspect pocket pulling a clear zip lock bag with twelve white in color pills. The police officer is a seasoned veteran who has seen these types of pills before and knew that it was ecstasy. The officer asked the suspect about the pills the suspect admitted that he ecstasy in the bag.

    The police officer arrests the suspect and gives the suspect a ticket for the stop sign violation. The police officer writes the wrong vehicle code on the ticket. When the police officer is writing his report he doesn’t catch the wrong vehicle code on the ticket and puts it in his report. The suspect lawyer reads the report and takes a look at the ticket. The lawyer being a former police officer noticed that the police officer wrote the wrong vehicle code on the citation as well as the report. The lawyer informs the judge that this case should be dismissed do to the clerical error by police officer.

    The judge looks over the report and the citation and agrees that the case will be dismissed do to the clerical error t he police officer made. The error caused all evidence to inadmissible do to the error of the citation. Terminology is a huge part in how the criminal justice filed works. Looking at the case above, a simple error that the police officer made caused all his hard work on the report to be dismissed and the suspect walked out of the court room without being convicted of narcotics or even a citation for running the stop sign. Terminology plays a role in every job you do.

    Rather it is a football coach trying to find the right plays to run to win the game. Or the roles terminology plays to solve, or dismiss a case for just a simple clerical error. Know the right terminology and being knowledgeable of what they fully mean will not only make a stronger player in your job, but also to the people around who will not make the same mistakes you made, because you understand how terminology really works.


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