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Tex Mccormick Essay Research Paper Book ReportTitle

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Tex Mccormick Essay, Research Paper

Book Report

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Tex Mccormick Essay Research Paper Book ReportTitle
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Title & # 8211 ; Tex

Author & # 8211 ; S. E. Hinton

Pages & # 8211 ; 191

Main Characters & # 8211 ; Tex McCormick

– Mason McCormick

– Rebel Collins

– Jamie Collins

1q. Write a character study for one of the chief characters in your book. Be certain to include physical characteristics, personality, statical information and illustrations of actions or ideas that show these characteristics.

1a. Character Sketch of Johnny Collins.

Johnny Collins is Tex McCormick? s best friend. Johnny merely got a bike for his birthday and wasted a batch of clip on it.

Johnny has a batch of lentigos, and has flame-coloured hair. This was unusual for him because the remainder of his household was either existent dark haired, like his ma, or existent blonde haired, like his pa. He besides has dark bluish eyes like the remainder of his household ; he said it? s their hallmark. He is a make bolding male child, and really brave besides. One clip when Tex and him were fring on the bike he decided to leap a ditch with both of them on the rhythm.

He landed it perfect and merely Tex fell off. Johnny is besides reasonably scared of his male parent, Cole Collins, because he was really rigorous. Johnny would normally believe things through to see if he would acquire into any problem with Cole before making anything.

2q. Write the study in the signifier of a formula. Be certain to include a elaborate list of ingredients and be certain your waies are detailed, specific, and convey what happened in the book.

2a. Texas Toast

2 Brothers who seem improbable to contend until it happens

2 Collins that Tex bents around with a batch

1 New bike that Johnny merely received, that about putting to deaths them all

2 Horses that Tex loves really much, whic

h his brother sell without inquiring

1 Fight between the McCormick brothers that leaves Tex crippled

1 Collins that Tex ends up falling in love with

1 Pop that left the McCormick brothers abandoned raise themselves that comes back merely to be yelled at by the brothers for how he acts

1 Brother, Mason, that wants to go forth place

1 Brother, Tex, that doesn? t let him

And last but non least, 2 HUGE cups of brotherlike love.

3q. Write a missive to Dear Abby ( or Ann Landers, etc. ) . Explain the job ( s ) one of your book? s chief characters faces. Have Abby ( or whoever ) reply in a mode that you experience would be appropriate for the state of affairs.

3a. Dear Abby,

Dear Abby,

I know two fictional characters that have a job between them ; the older brother sold the younger brother? s Equus caballuss. The younger brother loved these Equus caballuss really much, but when he found out that his brother sold the Equus caballuss he attacked his older brother. There is a batch of tenseness between these brothers and the fact that their pa left them to raise themselves does non assist anything. So after the brothers fight the younger one is banged reasonably bad. And I am disquieted that even after they make up and acquire things worked out that things will still be bad for the childs.



Dear Worried,

Try non to worry about it excessively much, seek to assist the child acquire his Equus caballus back. I would seek to reach the pa and state him to acquire his act together ; these are childs he is go forthing behind. I would maintain an oculus on these childs for a piece, because kids like this are likely to acquire assorted up in drugs and offense. If you see the least spot of problem I would assist compensate off.




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