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Texas Best Barbecue Sauce Essays

Evaluate Reed’s plans to revise the company’s existing Website. What guerrilla marketing strategies should the Smiths use to market and promote Texas Best Barbecue Sauce? 1. Create and app for Smartphone & Tablets a. About 400 million active users on iTunes b. Android owns 85% market share of Smartphones and Tablets c. Share recipes 2. Signup for Google AdWords a. Display your ads on Google and our advertising network. Pay only if people click your ads. 3. Purchase commercial time on the Food Network channel . Upload recipes using their products on all Food websites. 5. Purchase ads in food magazines 6. Social Media 7. Give free sample to small restaurants 2. Develop at least ? ve recommendations for the Smiths concerning an e-commerce strategy for Texas Best Barbecue Sauce. Information on current website: 4 products: 3 sauces and 1 dry rub Price ranging from 1. 79 to 5. 99. Website allows products to be purchased online, offer various shipping times, various methods of payment: credit card and PayPal. . Create an account on Sellers account on Amazon a. Fee is 39. 99 + other seller fees 2. Invest in Google’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 3. Offer free samples to customers on website 4. Create a Login for customers a. Contacting inactive older customers with an incentive b. Following up customers who created an account but did not order c. Rewarding loyalty with a personalized coupon code How should the company use social networking tools to market their sauce?

Texas best can use social networking to gain credibility and build a forum for communication with customers. 1. Add social media icons to their website a. Facebook [pic] b. Twitter [pic] c. Google+ [pic] d. MySpace [pic] e. Pinterest [pic] 2. Members can post recipes using Texas Best products. 3. Texas Best can upload their own recipes 4. Offer discounts and savings. 5. Keep members on new information about products and the company. 6. Help recruit new employees

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