Texting in Class Essay

Using your phone in class is not always a distraction, but can also be useful at the same time. A phone can be used for good things and bad things in class. Through out the years this has been a problem in many schools especially with all the new technology that has been updated. Some people would say the use of cell phones during class should be allowed at schools. Teachers think of cell phones for the use of to text, call, or for music and games.

Teachers also think that cell phones are a use to cheat, but really cell phones are a great resource in class. Phones should be aloud to be used in free time during class time. When a student is done with an assignment, they should be allowed to have their phone out because it is a silent way for the students to entertain themselves. The cell phone can also be a good and smart way to interact with the teacher.

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Texting in Class
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This means instead of wasting paper for our warm-ups, essays, or any other class work that would be needed to turn in, we can simply send them to the teacher and can be a Helpful way to save our environment. The use of technology can be helpful during class time. In the other hand, others also disagree with allowing cell phones to be used during class. Many students might take advantage of this and not pay attention to the teacher but be texting others or creating a distraction.

The noise or the vibration of the phone can annoy others that try to pay attention. Also, when someone gets his or her phone taken away, it becomes a big distraction to everyone and wastes class time. Cell phones in class can also lead to cheating. Being able to use a phone during class can be a benefit to both students and the teachers. It also can have a negative affect. Many people can argue with the good and bad side. Since most schools have certain rules, they probably have their own reasons for keeping it that way.

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