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That House Was The Death Of Us

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That House Was The Death Of Us
Personal Experience by Leah
When I was about four our house was full: my mom, my two brothers (Jared and Trevor), my dad, dog Samson and me all lived together. As far as I can remember, the first few months we lived there were perfectly fine. Then weird things started to happen.

First it was just little nightmares and some noises here and there, and it always seemed as if it was just me and my brothers noticing it, but then my dog started to pick up on our “unexpected visitors”.

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That House Was The Death Of Us
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He would always sit there and just face the wall and bark. We had an unfinished basement at the time that was an oval that surrounded the stairs. We mostly used it for storage and for some exercise equipment. Samson wouldn’t ever go down there. I remember me and my brother playing down there all the time playing tag and I would always see flashes of black when I would round the corners.

We thought nothing of it and would just continue to play tag.

One night I remember lying in bed and staring out at the hallway my parents always kept the lights on in the hallway. My parents slept on the first floor of the house and me and my brothers on the second floor. I watched as about three or four shadows appeared and started walking in and out of my brothers’ rooms and the bathroom, they must have walked in and out of their rooms about five times, but none had come into my room yet. Finally, I watched as one (looked like a tall male) walked up the hall towards my room. I wasn’t scared of them until they walked into my room where I closed my eyes and pulled the covers over my head. I felt him just standing over me and kept the covers over my head till I felt that they were gone. I looked out and they were all gone. The next morning I told my mom and she just told me that it was a nightmare.

Samson was a black lab and, usually slept downstairs, but occasionally slept up stairs. One night, my brother Jared was sleeping and he woke up from his sleep.

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