The 2012 Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards Winners — Please Hold Your Applause Until the End Essay

Well, this year I’m sitting at home on my healing fractured hip instead of attending the Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards Ceremony in Cross Plains this evening. Since my social calendar is clear, I’m posting the winners; giving Brian a break this year. TGR contributor and guest blogger Jeff Shanks graciously agreed to e-mail the winners to me right after the ceremony, so without further ado, here are your winners of the 2012 Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards:

The Atlantean—Outstanding Achievement, Book

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The 2012 Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards Winners — Please Hold Your Applause Until the End
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Winner: Ann Beeler for Footsteps of Approaching Thousands

The Valusian—Outstanding Achievement, Anthology

Winner: Dennis McHaney for Anniversary: Glenn Lord and The Howard Collector

The Hyrkanian—Outstanding Achievement, Essay

First Place: Winner: Rob Roehm for “The Vinson Papers,” Parts 1 through 10 plus Addendum, from the REH: Two-Gun Raconteur blog, posted July 2 through July 25, 2011

Second Place: Winner: Mark Finn for “Southwestern Discomfort” from the REHupa website, posted December 22, 2011

Third Place: Winner: Brian Leno for “Atali, the Lady of Frozen Death” in REH: Two-Gun Raconteur #15

The Aquilonian—Outstanding Achievement, Periodical

Winner: Glenn Lord for The Howard Collector #19

The Stygian—Outstanding Achievement, Website

Winner: Brian Leno, Rob Roehm, Damon Sasser, Keith Taylor for REH: Two-Gun Raconteur

The Cimmerian—Outstanding Achievement, Blog Posts

First Place: Winner: Rob Roehm for REH: Two-Gun Raconteur

Second Place: Winner: Damon Sasser for REH: Two-Gun Raconteur and REHupa Blog

Third Place: Winner: Brian Leno for REH: Two-Gun Raconteur

The Venarium Award—Emerging Scholar

Winner: Jeffrey Shanks — A former blogger on the defunct Cimmerian Blog, in 2011 Jeff was one of the more active posters on the REHupa Blog, had two articles published, and presented at the Popular Culture Association’s conference.

The Black River Award—Special Achievement

Winner: Rob Roehm for his work in tracking down information, photos and documents for Lone Scout of Letters, School Days in the Post Oaks and The Collected Letters of Doctor Isaac M.


The Rankin Award—Artistic Achievement in the depiction of REH’s life and/or work

Winner: Jim and Ruth Keegan for “Adventures of Two-Gun Bob” comic strip and covers for Spicy Adventures, Tales of Weird Menace and Steve Harrison’s Casebook.

The Black Circle Award—Lifetime Achievement

Winner: Dennis McHaney

The Black Circle Award—Nominees for next year’s Award

 To be announced.

The Crom Award—Board of Directors’ choice

No award given this year.

Now, how about a big round of applause for the talented winners of this year’s awards.

Editor’s Note: First, special thanks go to Jeff Shanks for the photo and awards results, plus kudos for winning the Emerging Scholar Award. Congratulations go to Brian and Rob who both made out like bandits at the Awards ceremony. And special thanks go to Brian, Rob and Keith, and guest bloggers Barbara and Patrice for their outstanding contributions to this blog and website. As for me, I am deeply humbled receiving The Stygian Award for Outstanding Achievement, Website and The Cimmerian Award for Outstanding Achievement – Blog Posts. It is an understatement to say I am eternally gratefully for all the support given to this website by you, the fans. Your continued support is greatly appreciated by all of us here on the blog.

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