The 2013 Pulp Convention Season is Already Gearing Up Essay

Now that Christmas is over and the wrapping paper has been picked up and stuffed into garbage bags, ready for the landfill and the family dog is back from the vet after drinking too much pine-laced water from the Christmas tree stand, thoughts turn to the upcoming slate of pulp and comic conventions - The 2013 Pulp Convention Season is Already Gearing Up Essay introduction. Of course, the elves who put on these big events work year round, often beginning work on next year’s convention while this year’s is still going on. A good place to keep track of all these events is on Bill Thom’s Coming Attractions website. Bill  recently posted news of one of 2013’s early conventions, April’s Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention:

This year’s themes will celebrate the 80th anniversaries of science fiction and fantasy magazines (using as our starting point Weird Tales for fantasy and the scientifiction issue of Science & Invention for SF), as well as the 100th anniversary of Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu.

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The 2013 Pulp Convention Season is Already Gearing Up
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Those themes will be the focus of our film programming, once again being assembled by Blood ‘N’ Thunder’s Ed Hulse, as well as our art show, program book and evening panels.

If you have any appropriate art that you’d be willing to make available for display, please let me know. And we’re still looking for more material for the program book, which once again is in the hands of Tom Roberts of Black Dog Books (and if you’d like to place an ad in the program book, the deadline is March 5, 2013).

Our Friday night auction will once again feature material from the estate of Jerry Weist, but this time most of the material will be from Jerry’s personal collection (as well as a few lots from the warehouse find that has been the focus of the last few year’s auctions). As many of you know, Jerry collected for condition, and there are some beautiful pulps among the over 1100 items that will be spread across 200 lots. We’re in the process of photographing and scanning, and have 41 lots currently available for viewing on our website and Facebook page — check them out! More will be added soon.

Among the highlights of the auction are over 80 issues of All-Story, including 16 issues with ERB (including 3 installments of his first story, Under the Moon of Mars), a complete run of Planet Stories in great condition, 11 stunning issues of Real Detective Tales and Mystery Stories, a rare publisher’s bound copy of Overland Monthly featuring 2 stories and 2 poems by Clark Ashton Smith (including his first published story and first published poem), items from the files of the Gernsback magazines, early issues of Blue Book, and tons more.

The convention runs April 12-14, allowing all you income tax procrastinators an excuse for putting it off for the very last minute. Of course, Windy City is also a great place for Howard fans,  especially those who live in the mid-west, to congregate and talk Howard. And if you are a  Lecacy Circle member, there is always a Foundation luncheon scheduled for you to attend.

The 2013 Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention will be held at the same hotel it was at last year, the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center in Lombard, IL. Rooms can be booked online here. The deadline for booking rooms and getting the convention rate is 5:00 pm Central Time on March 25, 2013. Also, check the convention’s website or Facebook page for news and updates.

The 2013 Pulp Convention Season is Already Gearing Up Essay

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