The Abuse of Government Assistence Is a Huge Problem

The amount of people out there that abuse Government Assistance and welfare system is rapidly increasing. The goal of government assistance should be to help people attain a position in life where they no longer need assistance. There will always be select people that need assistance their entire lives. Mentally and physically challenged people fall into that category. Shouldn’t the majority of our government assistance go to people in that category? Yes, I believe it should, but that is not the case in our country today.

When these programs are used correctly, the tax paying citizen doesn’t seem to have a problem with the programs. But when these programs, such as WIC, food stamps, housing assistance, health insurance assistance, education assistance are abused it not only upsets that same tax paying citizen but actually cost that person money. A lot of people feel it is okay to have children for the soul purpose of getting Government Assistance, but what they either don’t know or don’t really care about, is that they are costing Tax Payers a lot of money for this.

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The increase in welfare or public assistance spending is one of the main reasons the annual budget is in the trillions of dollars. There are many ways we can change the problem with welfare abuse in this country and I believe these are a few of them. Send a representative to each and every person’s home that is receiving any form of government assistance. I’m not talking about scheduled appointments I’m speaking about random inspections. Let’s make sure that if we are giving housing assistance to someone that they are keeping a safe and livable home.

If we are giving someone food stamp let’s make sure that they are purchasing the types of food and the amount of food their family needs. During the unscheduled inspection anyone receiving government assistance will be drug tested and if found to be using drugs all government assistance will stop until they can prove they are clean at a future time. Another would be verifying Employment and Education, if we are going to give people assistance with education and housing and insurance, then we need to make sure that these people are working and paying taxes like everyone else.

Saying that you are looking for a job no longer cuts it, you must be working. To sit at home and do nothing other than collect a check every month without contributing back to society is no longer acceptable. If you are receiving education assistance you must prove that you enrolled and must obtain an A average in order to retain your education assistance. No more is just collecting the government education check and spending it on clothes, while he or she fails out of all the classes they enrolled for.

I believe these people should be held accountable for the fraud they are committing on the hard workers of this country. I do think the Food stamp program took a giant leap forward when it eliminated the actual stamps and started using the card. Now, there is still room for cheating when you have dishonest shopkeepers and cashiers. Though on both accounts it’s fairly easy to see, report, and even easier to get the cashier canned. Shop owners are investigated and shutdown. It’s part of a process.

People think they can cheat the system because it’s so big. They don’t realize that the folks that run it are pretty sharp and eventually will catch the bad eggs. This is I can relate to the teenagers ideal that they thought of a creative way to get over on homework, chores, getting beer etc. that nobody ever thought of it before. They really need to get into Mark Twain. I believe it was Corn Pone Opinions. He proudly proclaims that there really aren’t any new ideas only ideas that have been rehashed.

In other words, there’s nothing new under the sun. I hate to say it but once again we’d be so much wiser if we just read a bit out of a book. Instead of trying to get over using and ideal that is old try doing the work. I think people would benefit from knowing that the amount of energy they put into getting over on things is greater than just actually doing the work. So there is more point in doing the work then trying so hard to commit fraud.

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