The Advantages of Working While Going to College - College Essay Example

The students will have several advantages of working while going to college - The Advantages of Working While Going to College introduction. First of all, students can make money to pay their tuition. For example, many students can choose part-time work such as waiter, cashier, or cleaner. Every job can need about 3-4 hours per day but students will make money about 10 to 11 dollars per hour. If students work a long time, they will have enough money to pay their tuition and maybe their livehood.

In deed, using free time go to work not only make money, it will help students to know more experiences. For instance, a job could help you to develop valuable time management and organizational skills and improve your ability to focus. Mixing work and study can be challenging but you will learn new skills that will come in handy in school or in the workplace after you graduate. Beside, you can create networking opportunities and references that can be invaluable after graduation, when you looking for your first job.


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Finally, the most important thing is you will increase your self-esteem. For example,having a job helps you feel a sense of dignity and worth. You will feel more self-confident when you want to talk with people or when you have to interview to get a job. Students can understand the value of money, how to spend time more usefully and have a successful career. Indeed, students will have more money to pay their tuition, more experiences for their career and increase your self-esteem.

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