American dream success stories

The American Dream? To this day whenever someone new comes to the United States they come along with a famous ethos “The American Dream”. Many people immigrate to America each year to receive their rightful freedoms, equality, and opportunities to achieve their goals. In recent discussion about the American Dream, a controversial fight has been over whether this dream still prospers and Is achievable or If It Is even a realistic Idea to have anymore.

On one hand, some people Like Anne Jolts an editorial page writer for the Wall Street Journal Europe look at America today and say the “The dream today Is In doubt”. From this perspective, MONEY Is the power that runs basically everything In America and rules upon If you will achieve your dream. On the other hand however, people like Chris Demoded argue that the dream Is still alive and always will be. To me the American Dream Is no longer obtainable.

There Is a horrible mount confusing and fighting that Is happening In the states, the economy and government is more debt than ever before, and education is becoming worse preventing people to strive and their best to help the country run. In the writing “The American Dream: Dead, Alive, or on Hold? ” by Brandon King, a college student at University of Cincinnati; expresses he’s thoughts on the American dream. King’s piece explains how the American Dream still plays a huge part in today’s American society.

Regardless that the American Dream was coined during 1931 and was a time where immigrants were coming to America seeking opportunity to own land and be free. King says the American Dream “is more alive and important than ever- and that it is the key to climbing out of the Great Recession, overcoming inequality, and achieving true prosperity” (573). Even though Kings words seem like the right directions to go in but the fact in the matter is; today America is doing the complete opposite.

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