The Analysis of Kid Kustomers

“The Analysis of Kid Kustomers “

Kid kustomers, how could those little people with no money be so powerful? Eric Schlosser believes that in recent years “Madison Avenue has been paying a great deal of attention to “kid Kustomers”.” the explosion in children advertising occurred during the 1980s” “The decade of child consumer” Leverage is a huge part of their game “pester power” the power to make kids nag their parents. “1978 the federal trade commission tried to ban all television ads directed at children seven years old or younger”. They are plenty of reason why. Some of the lengths these “Kid Kustomer” company’s go to get information from children. This is a huge billion dollar corporation going on and it’s all about the little people. Should Kids be protected from this vast market of marketing?

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Advertising and the power it has over children twenty five years ago a hand full of company’s were aiming their advertising at children company’s like” Mc Donald’s, Disney , candy makers, toy makers, manufactures of breakfast cereal “ . Today Kids are pretty much being targeted by everyone who stands to make a profit. Schlosser believes, that we will see an “increase in such advertising in years to come” and I believe his evidence is really strong. During the 1980’s “many parents working parents, felling guilty about spending less time with their kids, started spending more money on them” .

One marketing expert has called the 1980’s “the decade of child consumer”. That’s because there was a number of company opening up children divisions focused solely on children advertising they realized the children often recognize brand logo before they recognize their own name advertising is that powerful.

Advertising is power full because of the leverage these children division company’s use on parents. “ Leverage” “The nudge factor” ” presto power” the object of this powers is to “get kids to nag their parents” there are seven different nags “a pleading nag” “A Persistent Nag” “ forceful Nags” Demonstrative Nags” “sugar-coated Nags” and “Threating Nags” are all approaches used to sell their product. They rely on these children to have these reactions to sell their product so there has to be a lot of research done so they know exactly how to sell their product.

“today’s market researchers not only conduct surveys of children in shopping malls they also organize focus groups for children as young as two or three” I guess everybody is a customer in the marketing world. “They analyze children’s art work, hire children to run focus groups, stage slumber parties and then question children into the night. I think some were in the midst of all this these advertising companies might be crossing the line. Some argue that children should not be marketed but still are. “They studied fantasy lives of children; they apply the findings in advertisement and product design.” Meaning that there is a science to all these child hood TV figures.

Look around you there are plenty of children marketer’s all around and children are being falsely lead by this huge advertising method causing parent to spend unassay money because they feel guilty but in all reality nether the kid need the toy nor the parent need to feel guilty the parent should make the right choice and pay as much attention to their children to where they don’t feel guilt and they buy them what they need.

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