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The Anglo Saxon Period Essay

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I.The Anglo Saxon Period 449-10661.The A-S people were highly organized into tribal units.2.They were pagan people who placed their belief in fate.3.The Christian belief came to Britain when the roman people came.4.Christianity brought with it the beginning of education and written literature.5.When the Vikings invaded Britain they burned many religious manuscripts and otherreligious literature.6.The A-S cronicle is our principal source of info on early english life.7.A-S literature began with spoken verse and incantations rather than written books.

8.Beowulf is our first work of poetry to be composed in the english language.9.A history of the english church and people is the first pros to be written in the englishlanguage.10. Three techniques used by the H-S people to help them remember their oral literature.Regular Rhythm, Alliteration, Kenning.

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The Anglo Saxon Period
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II.The Seafarer By: Burton Raffel1.The Seafarer is a lyric poem.2.The speaker expresses feelings of sorrow, loneliness, fear and anticipation.3.The speaker expresses a deep feeling that people over come their problems of this lifeby believing in the power of both faith and god.

III.Beowulf1.This is a epic poem that celebrates the deeds of a legendary or a heroic figure.2.Characteristics of Beowulf:Loyalty, valor, unselfishness and a sense of justice.3.Beowulf is the hero and grindal is the monster.4.Grendals Characteristics:Man kinds enemy, opposed gods will, embodiment of hate.5.Example of Kenning: That shepard of evil, guardian of crime6.Herot- the name of hall7.Hrothgor – king of the dames.8.Beowulf came from the land of the geeks.9.In battling Grindal, Beowulf isnt only a brave pagen warrior but also a Christian hero.

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