The Animal Farm Rebellion Essay

George Orwell’s fiction novel, Animal Farm, is an allegory because its events and characters represent key events and people from the Russian Revolution of 1917 - The Animal Farm Rebellion Essay introduction. An allegory is a work in which it has two meanings, a literal one, and a symbolic one. Animal Farm is basically a retold story of communism in the setting of a farm. In the beginning, the wise boar, Old Major, talks of the rebellion. The other animals get convinced that what he speaks of is the truth. After he dies, the animals take over the farm and run off the owner, Mr. Jones.

They create their own government and eventually Napoleon, one of the pigs, gets drunk with power and he ends up becoming like the first owner, Mr. Jones. The rebellion was never completely successful. It was a complete downfall in which not many of the animals ended up surviving. Many characteristics of Napoleon represent Joseph Stalin. Both of them always got their way. They found that the only way to control people was to kill them. At first, Napoleon made the law that “No animal shall kill any other animal” (Orwell 24). They thought that all animals should be treated as equals.

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Napoleon later changed the law and tricked the animals into thinking he was good. The new commandment stated “No animal shall kill any other animal, without cause” (Orwell 91). Napoleon would make up excuses and tell the animals that everything was Snowball’s fault. When any animal rebelled against Napoleon, they were killed and their wrong-doing was blamed on Snowball. Joseph Stalin was very controlling too. He wanted people dead. He believed that people were the cause of everything that went wrong with his plans. As in his words “Death is the solution to all problems.

No man – no problem” (Stalin 2). He was just like Napoleon. He wanted people dead so that he would always be the one in control. Events from Animal Farm represent key events from the Russian Revolution. The windmill was introduced by Snowball. He wanted the animals to help build it so that after it was done, they would only have to work 3 days a week instead of every day. Orwell writes that Snowball tells the animals the windmill could be finished if they all worked with each other. “He maintained that it could all be done in a year” (Orwell 50). After Napoleon has the dogs chase

Snowball off the farm, he agrees to go through with the plan of the windmill, claiming that it was his plan all along. “The windmill was, in fact, Napoleon’s own creation” explains Squealer (Orwell 57). Stalin’s five year plans are symbolized as the windmill. The purpose of the plans was to improve the Soviet industry and then allow the workers to shorten their work-week. Even if someone did not like Stalin, they could not say anything bad about him. “Nobody was allowed to condemn or criticize the five year plans as they were Stalin’s idea” (Chris Trueman 3). Boxer, one of the horses had two personal mottos for himself. I will work harder! ” (Orwell 29) and “If Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right” (Orwell 56). In the novel, he represents the tricked communist supporters of Stalin. Stalin was believed and trusted by many people because he was a communist. Boxer wanted to help the farm to fulfill Old Major’s dream of that the Revolution should have been. From what Boxer saw, he believed that Napoleon was doing the right thing for Animal Farm. He ended up working himself too hard and after all Boxer had done for Napoleon and the farm, Napoleon tricked boxer and said they were taking him to the vet, but he was actually being taken to slaughter.

Joseph Stalin did relatively the same thing to his followers. He worked them too hard and he didn’t care one bit about them. “It did not matter if they lived or died – only that the task was completed” (Chris Trueman 3). He killed innocent people only because they disobeyed him, he did not like them, or simply because he felt like it. Orwell wrote Animal Farm based on the Russian Revolution. The novel is a political allegory and expresses how both Stalin and Napoleon became failures because they both abused their power.

The characters show a great deal of resemblance to the leaders and other people that were involved in the Russian Revolution. The revolutions, in both cases, eventually became corrupted and turned into an epic disaster. Not very many people survived and not much good came to be from it.

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