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The Art of Fallacies

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    A fallacy is defined as a false notion; a statement or an argument based on a false or invalid inference. Fallacies can often be labeled as highly deceptive. For this reason, fallacies are often used in advertising to bait viewers into specific products.

    There are quite a few different types of fallacies for example, begging the question, attacking the person etc. With each fallacy derives more different situations in which a specific fallacy can be used. For example some products use popular athletes or famous people to entice viewers to buy their product.Other fallacies consist of reasoning that is based on circular reasoning in which the true purpose of why you should purchase this product is never revealed.

    All of the fallacies used in this paper came from a commercial web site in which the commercials have and are still being aired on television. In the first television advertisement, the famous singer and producer P. Diddy is displayed as being stranded on the side of the road with car problems. Along comes a Diet Pepsi truck in which he hitch hikes a ride.

    The commercial immediately cuts to a red carpet event with paparazzi, famous people, etc.Immediately, interviewers at the this event start photographing P. Diddy exiting this Diet Pepsi truck and start asking him about his alleged new ride. The very next day or so the commercial leads the viewers to believe that celebrities such as Carson Daly are driving Diet Pepsi trucks as if it is the new fad and cool thing to do.

    The logical fallacy in this commercial that will be focused on is Bandwagon or in Latin, ad populum. The bandwagon fallacy implies that something is right because everyone is doing it, has it, etc.In this specific commercial, P. Diddy is displayed as a celebrity who is endorsing the product of Diet Pepsi by using one of the Pepsi trucks as transportation to a very important celebrity event.

    The viewer is led to believe that because P. Diddy is in this Diet Pepsi truck that he must approve and in fact enjoy the product. Also, by showing another well-known celebrity such as Carson Daly driving a Diet Pepsi truck, the viewers are left with no other thought than the fact that all the celebrities in Hollywood must enjoy and endorse this product.This advertisement pushes very strongly that Diet Pepsi is cool by association of celebrities and not once mentions the taste, calories, or any worthwhile information.

    One can only think that everyone in Hollywood is doing it therefore I should as well. The second television advertisement is for Degree antiperspirant. In this commercial an action figure or lack of action is called the Mama’s Boy. The ad depicts a grown man who is pushed around and babied by his mother.

    The commercial displays the mother forcing him to sit in the front of a shopping cart like an infant would at a grocery store. It then cuts to a scene where it shows all the cool and nifty things that this lack of action Mama’s Boy doll can do. It shows how there has been an internal magnet placed in the belly of both the Mama’s Boy and the mother figure so that there is never separation between the two. The commercial then goes on to show the six different guilt trips the mother can say in order to humble the Mama’s Boy doll.

    At the very end of the commercial, it cuts to the punch line of the ad, which states, “Some men never take risks, for those who do use Degree Antiperspirant. ” The fallacy that will be focused on in this specific commercial is Irrelevant Conclusion or in Latin, non sequitur. The fallacy irrelevant conclusion occurs when the conclusion of the commercial does not follow from the premises. As a viewer, I could not at first figure out exactly what the commercial was trying to sell or prove until the very end.

    Granted, this commercial is quite humorous but loses the viewers as to what the purpose is. Showing an action figure go through humiliating events with only flashing a product symbol at the conclusion of the commercial shows nothing of what the antiperspirant can do. The commercial does not claim why Degree is a better deodorant let alone any characteristics of why it’s a better choice then any of the other countless deodorants and antiperspirants. The commercial in its entirety is irrelevant as to why the consumer should purchase it and insulting to the male race.

    One cannot remotely conceive the purpose of buying Degree antiperspirant, and so this commercial though entertaining, is utterly irrelevant and worthless in buying appeal. This final television advertisement is for Federal Express. It is trying to promote overnight shipping services. The commercial commences with a host describing the ten most successful characteristics of a to have in a super bowl commercial.

    It then proceeds to depict Burt Reynolds, a bear, a cute kid, attractive females, dancing animal, groin kick, and a bonus reel.Towards the conclusion of the commercial, Burt Reynolds stops dancing with the bear just in time to promote Federal Express and it’s overnight shipping services. The fallacy which will be focused on in this in particular commercial is Inappropriate Authority or in Latin, ad verecundiam. Inappropriate Authority consists of including argument statements from an expert having no claim to expertise about the subject at hand.

    The commercial itself seems quite humorous in its attempt to cover up its worthlessness.Though I am a fan of Burt Reynolds, he knows nothing of Federal Express let alone their overnight shipping services. Burt’s delivery was breath taking unlike his faked knowledge of Federal Express. In order to make that commercial valid, an authority figure such as the C.

    E. O. or someone with knowledge should have made a quick factual appearance. I was impressed with Burt’s dance moves he performed with the bear but having Burt try to convince the public to use Federal Express, was just a lost cause.

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