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Artist of My Life Josh Wyatt College Research and Study Skills Tuesday 8 Am - The Awesome Essay introduction. – 12 PM Artist of Your Life If my life were a work of art that I created such as a picture or painting it would contain a lot of bright colors, some facts about me, my interests, and my most favorite hobbies. In my painting I would have myself doing or surrounded by my most favorite hobbies and also have bright colors surrounding it. The colors I would use for this painting would be really bright and lively such as bright orange, yellow, light blue, like a sunset on the beach.

The reason for these color choices goes along with my favorite hobby and a fact about me, I love to surf. The rest of my hobbies are hiking, and snowboarding when it’s not summer. I would also have my little brother and sister playing somewhere on the beach. I would also try to involve some of my greatest adventures with friends and family for example the time I went to New York with my uncle and 5 cousins. Lastly I would have me on my surfboard riding a nice wave in the center of the painting surrounded by all the things I love, and love to do.

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So The Artist of My life, me of course would make a pretty good artist if I do say so myself. My use of bright colors like orange yellow, light blue and green would make a nice bright painting. As well as using my hobbies and things I like in the painting like surfing and hiking makes the picture tell more of a story. Lastly my family and friends there would really pull it all together because I would not be where I am today or have gone on any of my crazy fun adventures without them.

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