The Barry Windsor-Smith Conan Archives, Vol.2 Essay - Part 2

“The Frost Giant’s Daughter” was the first Conan story I read in comic book form.  Barry Smith’s work simply blew me away and he is still my favorite Conan comic artist.  He left the comic way too soon, but really outdid himself on “Red Nails” before he called it quits.  I don’t buy much in the way of comics these days, but I just may have to pick this one up:

Nearly forty years have passed since Barry Windsor-Smith began his historical run on Conan the Barbarian—never had anyone conveyed Conan’s gigantic melancholies and great mirth in a more masterful way - The Barry Windsor-Smith Conan Archives, Vol.2 Essay introduction. Barry Windsor-Smith became the standard by which all other Conan comic-book artists have since been measured. In order to commemorate Barry Windsor-Smith’s lasting legacy and honor one of the most influential Conan artists of all time, Dark Horse presents The Barry Windsor-Smith Conan Archives Volume 2. This, the second of two handsome hardcovers, collects the final half of Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith’s collaboration on Conan the Barbarian and includes such classic tales as “Red Nails” and “The Frost-Giant’s Daughter”! Featuring the updated colors from Dark Horse’s Chronicles line, this book is a can’t miss for new and old readers alike!

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The Barry Windsor-Smith Conan Archives, Vol.2
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Writer: Roy Thomas; Artist: Barry Windsor-Smith

Hardcover; 7″ x 10″; 288 pages; Full Color; $49.99; On sale May 19, 2010.

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