The Benefits of Learning Piano Essay

Good morning to the honourable judges, headmistress, teachers and my fellow friends - The Benefits of Learning Piano Essay introduction. The title of my speech today is ‘The Benefits of Learning Piano’. If any parent is considering having their child learn how to play an instrument, you may want to start your child out with piano lessons, as it is less complicated to learn than some other types of instruments. A musical education brings together Math and Art and learning the piano in particular can help to provide many amazing benefits to children. One great benefit that the children will enjoy when learning piano is developing better hand eye coordination.

Fine motor skills will be improved as well. Having good skills in hand eye coordination is an important skill to have in life. They are especially come in handy when it comes to writing, so this actually affect how well your child may be able to write in the future. Another excellent benefit of learning piano is that it will help to improve their concentration. When children learn to play the piano, it takes quite a bit of concentration as well as focus, especially when they have to concentrate on playing with both hands.

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Also, it takes concentration to read the notes and translate the rhythm and tempo at the same time too. When a child learns to play the piano, they develop more confidence and self esteem in themselves. Piano lessons are a challenge to your child that they will be master and as they learn to practise and improve their performance, they will build up even more confidence in themselves, which is important to their development. Believe it or not, studies have shown that children that learn the piano actually perform better in school.

When they learn to play, it helps them to understand a variety of other concepts that are behind subjects like Math and Science. As you can see, there are many great benefits to having your child take piano lessons. Looking out for the total educational and personal benefits of your children is important and music is a great way to help them develop educationally and personally. So, take some deep thought over the matter though it will cost you a bit of money. However, the benefits mentioned will be long lasting for your child and no doubt one day they will thank you for allowing them to learn the piano.

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