The Best City to Visit in Ecuador Essay

The best city to visit in Ecuador is Cuenca - The Best City to Visit in Ecuador Essay introduction. Cuenca is known as very cultural city for its unique blend of modernity and colonial charm in every place you go. There you can find out so much about Ecuadorian culture you can visit Chordeleg that is famous of its elaboration of fine jewelry in silver and gold. You also can visit the famous “Cajas National Park”, here you will find an infinitive diversity of flora and fauna.

Also in Cuenca you can be part of the best parties ever. Cuenca has been recognized for the cultural richness that stems from its unique blend of modernity and colonial charm – a blend that leaves the distinct impression that the city’s development, from pre-colonial civilization to modern-day urban center has been driven by a preconceived plan to leave behind and highlight the best of art and architecture as a testimony to the cultural eminence of the Americas.

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And for this reason it had been named the Cultural Capital of the Americas for the year 2002. Chordeleg is a beautiful little town very famous for its jewelry: in Chordeleg central park it is common craft fairs where you can buy different products. Around this park there are many craft stores where you can also see the process of elaboration of these products. “La Gruta” is another great place to visit where the image of the Virgin of the Cloud is venerated and where religious celebrations take place.

And you must visit “Cajas National Park” that is know for its beautiful flora and fauna, and especially because it has 232 lakes all over the valleys. Loma de tres Cruces that is located in this park, you can find the watershed between tose going to the Amazon and those moving to the Pacific. Lastly Cuenca used to be a sleepy, provincial city, but local young folk and visiting tourists have turned this into a respectable little party city.

For quiet drinking and conversation, Wunderbar Cafe and La Parola. Cuenca’s top bar and hangout is Eucalyptus, which has a popular Ladies’ Night every Wednesday and a rowdy salsa night every Saturday. Cuenca is a city filled of culture, amazing historical places, wonderful people that are very friendly and great parties. This is a city that is totally worth to visit.

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