The Best Person I Have Ever Known

The best person I have ever known I cannot remember how was that day - The Best Person I Have Ever Known introduction. I just know that was on march, 14th 1994 when he first hold me. That day I met the most especial person in the world. It was more exciting to me when I realized years latter that this special person was My Dad. I think he has been a gift from the universe to all of us because he is just unique. My special person is characterized by his personality. All the people who have had the opportunity to know him realize that he is a man full of charisma.

He always tells that one smile or laugh can change people’s day. For that reason, he is always smiling or making jokes even with people he just run into. He just born with that sence of humor. He believes that all that you give in your life and how you share it is how will be returned to you. “Happiness does not work only to keep people happy. It is that way to cheer yourself in order to maintain you healthy deeply in your soul. These are my dad’s words. Also, he is always giving any kind of advices to anyone who needs it.

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The Best Person I Have Ever Known
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May be his nature because he never has a second intention in whatever he does. For that reason, I think my dad is a great pattern to follow. Since he was child, he was overcoming his problems by himself. His experiences are what have built him as a person. He has been sharing these experiences and knowledge with people arround him. People that he knows will appreciate and learn about it. Mostly with his family and friends. He has shown to be an inspirational person. I remember that day in Venezuela when we were on traffic.

My dad and I were waiting for the light to turn to green. Suddenly, one elder woman was begging us for food. She was crying at my window. I felt sorry and sad and scared. All these emotions and more together. My dad just said “Open the window” and he gave me like a 5 dollar’s bill. I had seen a lot beggers on the streets but, never like her. I took the bill and I gave it to her. Then, my dad said “Know listen why”. The light was green in that moment but, he stayed there.

We spend about 5 minutes listening to what she was trying to explain. She gave a buch of reason of why she was there but, I could ever understand her very well because she did not spoke clear. Her voice was tired because of the hours she spend under the sun. When she finally said thank you, my dad said your welcome. I was with tears on my eyes. My dad explained that this is how God really see your actions. Giving help to people is not based only to give it. It is to feel and understand the neighbor’s need.

He has a lot of special and tiny things that demostrate who he is and how much special he could be. For me, his specialty is love. Love trough family. He has that clear because of his actions. All that he give is in order to show us that we are his priority. Family is what he values the most. He has been working hard with mom in his side. They teach us that first of all union with love is what we have to appreciate because at the end family is what we are going to have forever to support us. My dad works 24/7 in all aspects.

Eventhough his job cut out a little bit of time for us, he always find the way to spend even a few great hours with us per day. He is always playing with my brothers, telling beautiful things to my mom and even at night he still go to my room to see me sleep. The overal idea of this is tol et you know that my dad has the most incredible personality. For me, he has been the most charismatic, inspirational and lovely person I ever known. There all characteristics are what define him as the best and the most special person in my life. He is the one who means the world to me.

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