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The Biblical Worldview

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The Biblical/Christian worldview The Question of Origin- Christians believe that everything that exists is the result of God. God is our Creator. Genesis 1:1 supports this belief. David also declares that God is his creator in Psalms 139:13. Most Christian churches also believe in the trinity or that God is triune and all three Persons of the Godhead were involved in creating the universe and mankind. The Question of Identity- Christians believe that Man and Woman were created “in the image of God” Genesis 1:17.

Mankind is to rule over the animals and be their caretakers according to

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The Biblical Worldview
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Genesis 2:15. With this worldview in mind we are responsible for taking care of God’s creation and being good stewards of His provision of natural resources. The Question of Meaning/Purpose- The purpose of the Christian walk is knowing God and having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Luke 10:27 instructs us as believers on how we are to love the Lord as well as others.

The purpose of mankind and salvation are explained in John 17:3. It is made evident throughout the New Testament that Jesus desires to be in fellowship with us as we walk with him on this side of eternity.

The Question of Morality/Ethics- Christians’ morals and ethics come primarily through revelation from the Bible and God’s nature and character. This does not mean that Christians always live pure holy lives. Dam’s fall in Genesis 3 proved that man is inherently sinful in nature and we need redemption. Christians believe we are all born sinners as a result of Dam’s fall Psalms 51:5 and we cannot save ourselves. We need a Savior who gives us grace through faith, not by our works. The Question of Destiny- Christians believe that we will spend eternity in one of two states, heaven or hell.

In Heaven people will exist in the presence and blessings of God as referred to in Revelation 21:1-7 or they will live separated from God, punished in Hell according Revelation 20:11-15. Making the choice to receive Christ as our savior while on earth determines our destiny. How might/should a biblical worldview influence the way you… Voting in local or national elections? Having a Christian worldview will influences the way vote because I want to choose a candidate whose morals and ethics line up with the bible.

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