The Big One Essay

1 - The Big One Essay introduction. Difference between the three types of server virturalization using the first video.

Hypervision- can run of virtual instances with several different operating systems at the same time. OS Virtual- need not to be aware they are running in th virtualized environment and they require ongoing maintenance. Paravirtualization- offers a conservable performance approved.

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2. Why is virtualization important to Hudson Bay company? How did that factor into their decision to partner with IBM? They predict problem before they occur and ar able to fix them before it goes down. The reason why they partnered up with IBM was they made it easier on the operating systems to run faster speeds and be able to do maintenance on and they were also reliable.

3. What kinds of companies are likely to use a storage area network (SAN)? Large companies such as HP, Apple, Dell computers, Gateway, IBM and Intel.

4. The risks involved with virtualization?
Increased complexity in IT environment.

5. Explain why virtualization is considered a green technology? It is used to reduce number of servers by virtualizing machines and saving energy which increases utilization.

Case 2 Salesforce SFA on the IPhone and IPod touch

1. Examples of ‘disruptive’ products created by Apple. How disruptive of a product is the IPhone and why? Applications created from Apple and IPhone and dates and names

2. Describe some of the unique ways Salesforce’s SFA applications uses the IPhones features, including at least one not mentioned above. Applications for who their selling or what they are selling. They provide detailed graphics for sales people and you can use SDK to tap into someone else that appeared on your IPhone.

3. What other companies or websites that you know of have open development plateforms?
MeeGo and TeachWell

4. What advantages does the SFA application have for sales people? If you were a sales person, how would you use it? Advantage is that they have detailed graphic pictures for sales people and are able to use for graphical views for monthly sales goals.

5. Who benefits more from the partnership between Salesforce and Apple? Salesforce does because Apple has been set for some of the Applications but Salesforce on the other hand have more options to offer with other companies and will also be known with other companies due to them working with Apple.

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