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The Big Picture (A Strategic Plan)
We are a society of forever changing and for this we must continue to prepare for change in the educational arena - The Big Pic Essay introduction. Educational changes are but not limited to technology, educational needs, as well as the ability to operate schools effectively. These changes can bring about a barrier due to a school lack of resources, an administrator inability to identify changes, and limited assess to communicate with the community of the school. While other industry is contentiously growing, leaders in the educational world must learn to identify competition and develop strategies to continue to improve the growth of their schools. Philosophy of Mission and Vision

School XYZ believes that the bible is God’s word, written by men, divinely inspired and that it is the supreme, infallible authority in all matters of faith and conduct. Further, the school culture stands on high academic and spiritual standards to successfully educate the total child, through cumulative prayer, preparation, planning, research, knowledge and love. Their mission is to serve as a Bible-based Christian institution of learning, educating students with a blend of academic excellence and distinct Christian values that will prepare them for living a productive life, spiritually, academically and socially. Rational

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The importance of the mission and Vision was to develop to address the needs of the community and student body. School XYZ student body comes from different backgrounds; with English as a first language with little emphases of education. However, motivating and providing mentorship are major components that will assist in the school success. One important factor of school XYZ is the ability to provide the basic knowledge of a subject and morals to the students that may have trouble. Added, the administrators, staff and stakeholders are committed to build the beliefs in students through the students background knowledge, motivate them to challenge themselves, as well as reward for student achievements. Further, as a result of cumulative prayer, preparation, planning, research, knowledge and love, our Bible-based Christian school’s goal is to prepare students for life by implanting in them the word of God and His teachings as well as daily magnifying Him in their home, church, school and community. Founded on high academic and spiritual standards as the educational ministry of the church, JCA strives to successfully educate the total child. Community

“Schools use community meetings to address critical schools issues, to explicitly teach values such as community, and to share information (Edutopia, November 16, 2007).” Furthermore, a systematic approach to understanding relationships is a key component to school XYZ. Added, “Schools use community meetings to address critical schools issues, to explicitly teach values such as community, and to share information. For example, our school hosts a “Grandparents Luncheon” as well as “Fall Feast” both of these luncheons assist with various program students are members and could not pay annual fees as well as assisting with the students to pay for the annual school trip. Including the stakeholders and community establishments input implicate the building of relationships. In school XYZ monthly parent surveys are sent to families to foster community input. The school is power by knowing the information on relevant topics and actively includes the stakeholders in the school planning. Moreover, this provides administration with public view and builds relationships among the two. Researches have identified that, “The best way to build public support is to understand how various segments of the public feel share that understanding widely and demonstrate an effort to resolve the issues that are the most concern to the public (Building Community Support for Schools: A Practical Guide to Strategic Communications, 1997).” School

Demographically, school XYZ services an urban community; composed of students from various counties such as Duval, Orange Park, Clay and St. John’s. Social economically this community is primarily of ethnic, middle and lower class residence; also is one of the smaller schools in Duval County. School XYZ is house in one building made up of Nursery to 12th grade. School expectation for students, parents, and all staff is set high. Further, the school is two stories with tile hallways and carpet floors in the classrooms. Each classroom maximum is 30 students. Rational

Moreover, school XYZ is composing of small class sizes and total community which is supported by the Faith Center. Further, in designing lesson and measuring student success the student’s character and learning styles are included, their skill and prior knowledge influenced instructional plans as well as implementing instructions in a classroom. Due to the fact that school XYZ is small, special education students are included in general population, which requires modifications of time extension or the reduction of amount of student work completions. School XYZ is fortunate to have one ELL student, which requires modified lesson due to language barriers. These programs help students to easily become familiar with basic lesson format of start-up activity, interactive lecture, lab activity, and reinforcement exercise. The student contextual factor of culture impacts the plan of education and assessment of learning in the school. This student contextual factor impacts all areas of instruction and assessment because the teacher can only use the provided curriculum. Performance Data

School XYZ reading proficiency is determined by student results on the school’s SAT 10 Assessment Test. The results show of the 149 students 57% is below basic, 43% Basic and proficient Moreover, School XYZ math proficiency is determined by student results on the school’s SAT 10. 52% below basic, 48% basic, School Improvement Plan (SIP)

SAT 10/ FCAT (Data Notebook) – Staff and administrators collectively communicate to identify low performing students and monitor the students educational progress through intervention methods of pullouts and Saturday tutoring. Response to Intervention (RTI) A team of teachers strategically and intensive data driven decision, through analysis changes, and academic rigor. Zero Talents – Collaboration of staff and administrators and law enforcement to ensure students attendance, behavior, and mediation of students to prevent violent acts amongst student population. Literacy (25 Books) – Team of staff and administrators and student to make sure the impartment and employ of literacy amongst student.

.School Progress
Academy Programs: Business and Computer Education, Technology Education, and Performing Fine Arts Resources

Further, school XYZ have a partners that develop and implement lessons revolving around careers features within their companies such as Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA), MOSH, and Wilson Hospital increasing student expose to new career training and street safety. As established it is important to maintain a form of relationship with businesses within the school community opens the line of communication within the community. Moreover, the school XYZ includes programs like Title I, free and reduce lunches, reading and math tutoring to increase learning as well as special services that include but not limited to Speech, Resource, Physical and Occupational Therapy. Technology

On the other hand, technology at School XYZ in compile of four computer and one teacher computer in each classroom. The teacher computer is connected to a 32 inch television so the teacher can display and provide model information for her lessons. This technology is used daily and it makes teaching lessons impactful because the teacher can model any original skills or information, retain information made during the lesson. Professional Development Programs

Partner with University of North Florida (UNF).
Title one Professional Programs
PD Focus Online Training
In-house staff training

In providing a sound education for students is to monitor staff to ensure that they are enhancing teaching method. Due to the divers student population it is imperative for teacher to integrate diverse habits of structure self-reliance and rigorous lesson plan.; as well as increasing professional development, supporting the ideal that effective instruction
are being implemented. Stakeholder’s Principles

School XYZ holds the responsibility of provide a sound academic and a safe environment with a Christian background for all students. There is an emphasis on parents and students working together with staff; assisting the students in the academic process of developing career minded students. This process is supported with the many different athletic programs, clubs, and organizations that are offered to all students. School XYZ will continue to promote academic involvement as well as extracurricular activities which will lead to a more fill high. School Experiences

In addressing school XYZ school experiences there is an understanding that education is important because it provides a learning structure and safe environment for students. Furthermore, to improve understanding requires learners to be actively involved in the search of knowledge. When administrator support the environment in the manner that change will be desirable to all staff members and stakeholders. In implementing a change in this area school XYZ would increase the focus on teachers; increasing students learning not through a program but through teachers. A plan that will involve teachers meeting often to review upcoming learning objectives have been implemented at school XYZ; also, creating an environment of team decreasing the pressures of one working. Establish a method to any issue that may come up in the classroom. In improving the school culture and addressing the principle of developing and implementing strategic plans and skills develop a shared vision (ISLLC, 2008). School XYZ has Accountability, effective communication, and ability of an administrator to include his/her employee input is areas of focus for the plan are as follows: Administrator must convey effective communication by conveying an understanding of the school vision using all school resources, such as; podcasting, news letters, memo boards, and communicate the school vision to staff and stakeholders frequently. Administrator will motivate employees by providing a positive reasoning and create a belief to all stakeholders that they are a needed to meet and maintain the school goals. Added provide incentive, encouragement, and honest feedback when staff complete a task. Also administrator will celebrate staff accomplishments.

Administrator will create a plan of success to encourage employees to complete the task in a timely manor as well inspiring and encourage each staff member to provide input to the plan ensuring a successful completion of the task. Administrator will review follow up on each goal to provide feedback to staff of their success of the plan in a timely manner. Administrator will ensure a pleasant work environment. Creating pleasant work environments limited unwelcome experiences and create build inviting affect for employees and stakeholders. Administrator will provide all stakeholders accountability and right to complete their responsibilities by allowing staff to be apart of the decision making process; preparing staff to handle unforeseen circumstances. Administrator will communicate clearly to the staff of expectations, allowing all to see the big pictures. It is important to follow the proposed plan. This plan will maintain staff understanding of expectations and address the school needs. Added, administrators giving regular feedback, the ability to crate a change environment and incentives are all parts of a successful motivational plan. Motivation is the key to success in a school plan. All administrators must understand how to implement and create a motivation plan. Further, according to the ISLLC standards educational leader who promotes the success of all students by collaborating with families and community members, responding to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources (ISLLC, 2008). In school XYZ each administrator practices effective communication by relating to all kinds of people both inside and outside of the school. They have incorporated programs that integrate the community in the school vision; programs such as mentorship for a student with a goal, and the volunteer take into service program. When addressing systemic change in school XYZ environment, the administrators presents a well define effort of meshing together for the good of the business. Each of the administrators is able to maintain the trust and respect of all stakeholders and among themselves. They show a great network of team dynamics by facing many of the school challenges as a team; a team that pose the respect for each others background knowledge in different areas. Systematic change requires school leaders to be able to implement change as well knowing what needs to be change.

Change requires vision and directions; without one or the other could lead to a school failure. This is important because larders must be able to identify when to begin, set back, and reintroduce the process of change. Having this ability to support the environment in the manner that change will be desirable to all staff members and stakeholders. In addressing a change in school XYZ, I have identified that there is limited emphases on teachers. In implementing a change in this area increasing the focus on teachers is required. Students learn not through a program but through teachers. Moreover, implementing a plan that will involve teachers meeting often to review upcoming learning objectives will further support the school plan to improve the learning environment. Creating an environment of team decreases the pressures of one working without support from the team when establish a method to any issue that may come up in the classroom. Last, a healthy environment is important. In closing, change is a vital concept to a school environment; without change the environment could parish. Today society offers an every changing world which requires us to be ready for change when the needs arise. Further, the success of change is measure by the success of the change plan than the ability of the administrator’s to address changes. Administrators are a valuable part of school environments. As well as staff members, they must be able to cooperate.

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