The BTEC Family Essay

Freddie and Sophie married in 2003 - The BTEC Family Essay introduction. They have a son named Felix, who has Down’s syndrome. Freddie’s mother, Juliette helps to take care of Felix twice a week. Freddie and Sophie are expecting another child in 6 months, she also has to have a check to see if the new baby will also have Down’s syndrome.

Freddie works as a sales representative in the motor industry and works very long hours. Sophie works part time in a library two days a week, to help with the income, for the family. When Sophie is at work, Juliette, Freddie’s mother takes care of Felix as he needs constant care and attention. Their lives are very busy and stressful as they have to juggle work and the constant care of Felix, taking him to hospital appointments and giving him, his daily medication, also he has to attend regular physiotherapy. Both Freddie and Sophie are waiting for the results on whether the new baby is going to have Down’s syndrome, this will add to the stress of life at home as if they are already finding it hard to cope with Felix having a disability.

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Freddie and Sophie both have the worries and stresses, for instance, if the new baby is going to have Down’s syndrome. Freddie may worry about this, in a financial point of view as he may see himself as being the dominant male of the house, that needs to provide for his family and makes sure they are all well supported and looked after, however Sophie may see it in a more maternal way as she is the mother of the family and is going to worry for the welfare for the new baby, making sure the medication is taken at the right times, doctors, hospitals and physiotherapy appointments are attended and still having the time for Felix and all his needs.

Freddie and Sophie are both going to feel the same ways about the new baby coming, (happy, worried, anxious, nervous, stressed) but the way they may deal with it could be totally different, for instance Freddie works all day before the comes home to his family and they way is going to deal with the stress should be before he gets home from work to ensure that family life has fewer worried, whereas Sophie has the equally as long days as Freddie but without the breaks, Felix requires constant care and attention so she has no time to worry about anything, the stress may just mount up.

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