The Butler House Revisited Essay

Richard Toogood, our man in Great Britain, took notice of the new photo of Howard and the Butlers and wanted to share a few of his:

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed seeing the new pic of REH - The Butler House Revisited Essay introduction. Although I’ve nothing of any comparable value to supply you, some of the attendant comments did make me wonder whether the attached might be of some small interest to somebody. As there are people who evidently never saw the Butler house, nor had the pleasure of meeting Leroy Butler himself, then they might like seeing these photos which I took back in June 1992. Now I’m sure there are many people with better shots of both, but these are mine and I’m only too pleased to be able to share.

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The Butler House Revisited
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And a tip of the hat to Richard for sharing these photos. In the above photo, the Butler house is in the foreground and you can see the Howard house directly behind it. It is also great to see Glenn Lord in his element, visiting with John Adams and an unarmed Leroy Bulter during a long-ago Howard Days.

The Butler House Revisited Essay

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