The church and State in the United States Government Essay

Does separation of church and state actually exist in the United States government?

The United States of America has embraced people from all walks of life and this entails different cultures, traditions and even religions - The church and State in the United States Government Essay introduction? The United States Government is an independent entity. It is not influenced by any religion or church when it conducts its’ activities but we must say it borrows a few traits from different religions so that it can act rationally when making policies and important country decisions. The church teaches its’ followers good morals and ethics as they shape people’s behavior. These are the principles that are incorporated in the government to develop ethics that the citizens must abide by.

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The church and State in the United States Government
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Yes the separation of church and the state actually exists in the United States of America. Although it has not been clearly defined in the constitution, this separation exists. There has to be a separation between the church and state. First by involving the church only and not other religions is discriminatory. The Supreme Court said it well. The establishment clause requires government to be ‘neutral’ with regard to religion. The government is not meant to favor one religion over other religions, or favor religion over non-religion. There has to be a wall of separation between the two (McWhirter, 1994). The challenge for the courts now has been to determine how high this wall must be. As much as people will not openly say it, none of the two would like the other to interfere in the others activities. Although the two help each other once in awhile, they have continually disagreed on a number of issues.

            The federal courts took over authority over religious issues and reinterpreted the first amendment; which prohibited any law respecting the establishment of religion. They applied it to the states via the fourteenth amendment violating the words in the constitution. The state has restricted the use of many religious things to be used in public and the church has continually criticized the state. That is why the two have contradicting views and cannot work together. They ought to be separate. The common laws are the laws made through the decisions of courts and the common law foundation therefore, entitles everyone to the rights of the land which are sometimes limited because of the constant counter accusations of the state and church.

Legislated morality
Legislated morality focuses on private morality. This is where one’s behavior is thought to affect only oneself or, if other people at least not to an extent that they suffer physical violence (Kornstein, 2005). An example can be prohibiting couples from using contraceptives example condoms.


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