The City of Kolkata

I live in the city of Kolkata- the city of joy - The City of Kolkata introduction. My city is one of the four metropolitan cities of my country-India. It is a big city with a huge population. Kolkata is the city of my birth and no doubt it is my favorite city. Kolkata, like many other metropolitan cities, have a number of features, some of which will really attract newcomers while others will keep them away. Kolkata is a city- full of life. Here, unlike any other city, people are cooperative and one can enjoy one’s joy and happiness in company of others.

In Kolkata, help is always available, even if one does not ask for it. This is really a unique feature of Kolkata, which makes it a different city. One can enjoy the festivals to the full extent of one’s desire. During the festivals people come closer evenif they are not known to each other. It is the mood during the festivals, which brings all the Kolkatans together. Similarly, people are also available to share each other’s sorrow and grief. Here, one will always find a company if he/she searches for solace and comfort.

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If someone is in distress people are always avalable to help hime/her whatever may be the time of the day. Kolkata is a lively city. One will not feel the liveness of Kolkata unless he or she recides here. However, inspite of the liveliness of Kolkata, it has some features that may upset a newcomer. One of these is the crowd. The roads here are crowdie enough and also the buses on the roads. Its really difficult for a newcomer to get adjusted to these crowdie roads. To walk on these roads people have to jostle one another’s arms and tramp each other’s feet.

There is a great rush on the roads during the peak hours and a lot of traffic congestion. As a result people are always late in reaching their destinations. Here, the number of vehicles passing through the roads is greater in comparison to the number of roads available, which results in traffic congestion. So, a person who is planning to move to my city will like all its advantages but dislike all its disadvantages. Though, Kolkata has a number of drawbacks and suffers from a lot of disadvantages, still it is my favourite city and will always be.

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