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The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal

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Lately, the top story in the news day after day, months after months have been about William Jefferson Clinton, also known as Bill.

Who could blame them, there is nothing better than a story out of the ordinary, especially one with presidential status. For the past months he has been the most talked about figure, being the essential topic for news, talk shows, late night comedy and even going as far as the big screen. Talk about “Primary Colors” and “Wag the Dog.

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The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal
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” What has gotten to me the most however, were the constant flow of Republicans, along with a few Democrats, who just want to say how shocked and embarrassed they are along with the people of the United States.

The president had not just become the most talked about figure, but also one history had ever seen, so far that is, breaking the record and becoming a topic of conversation and debate “twenty-four seven.” The people, who I think were most affected by this crisis and feel very sad for, are the Republicans, since they had lost severe amount of sleep over the president”s bedroom crisis.

They had to perform their republican duties by shocking our brains with the president”s affair with Monica Lewinsky.We had to ignore the rest of the world news and its issues while they plough through the valley of lies, abuse of power and something they called high crimes and misdemeanors.

At first we listen and listen and listen but eventually got bored. Not a whole lot of people felt comfortable smelling someone dirty laundry which was aired for a very, very long time.I personally got tired of this never ending story a very long time ago, since I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Clinton.

I love the guy and no I am not talking romantically. I love Mr. Clinton as a teacher and most importantly as a role model. There is a story behind how Mr.

Clinton earned my respect, which had nothing to do with his cute looks, but rather his character.From what I”ve seen, he is a hardworking, dedicated, and caring individual. Most of all, he maintains his personality as an ordinary person just like you and me. His work as a president for the past years speaks for it self.

From what I”ve observed, Mr. Clinton is always willing to act on the people”s behalf and addressing the issues that concern them the most.From looking at him more and more over the years, I want to be like him, ready to solve problems and in making peace. I marvel at his energy and his way of commanding respect, which he has not only gained from the American people but also from a few Canadians like my self.

I think the Canadian population would agree there is certainly more spice to him than our Chretien.You as a reader, would probably say she is stubborn and has a very one-sided way in viewing Mr. Clinton, and you are probably right. Maybe you can see the Republicans way too.

My bottom line is however, when the President take off his mask as leader of a country, he is an ordinary man. Like you and me, in general, he is an honest person. He is also one that would cover his tracks by telling a lie. In any case, from the time I was introduced to Mr.

Clinton, I built my life by starting to walk in his gigantic footsteps, steps that I may never be able to fill but, also steps that I would not let out of sight. Why would I keep following in his footsteps? The truthful answer to that question is, I was watching him and my verdict is, he”s worth every second.

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The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal. (2018, Jun 05). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-clinton-lewinsky-scandal/

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