The Coaching Process Essay

Coaching is the recess related specifically to an individual and their job performance - The Coaching Process Essay introduction. It is important because it helps to improve skills, build morale by presenting opportunities for growth and development, increases sense Of community by developing a sense of commitment to other employees and company, and it reduces turnover. Coaching can be informal, formal or preplanned. Informal coaching typically happens spontaneously and it is very effective when it immediately follows the event or situation. Formal coaching can happen during orientations or department transfers, performance appraisals, or progressive discipline.

Coaching can also occur during professional development such as follow-up training or a specific developmental program. A coach is someone who can communicate effectively, a leader by example, understands the value of guidance, they are positive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, observant, patient and empowering. A coach must have several different skills in order to coach effectively. The video explains that a coach must be able to communicate instructions, set performance goals, provide feedback, reward improvement, deal with failure, motivate others and appreciate feelings.

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A coach must also confront difficult situations, spoon to requests, follow through, listen for understanding assess strengths and weaknesses, and build rapport and trust. The video explains that you can coach as a guide, coach as a teacher or coach as a motivator. When you coach as a guide you must learn the process. You need to be able to define success, create a vision of the future, set SMART goals, develop action plans and evaluate process. To coach as a teacher you need to learn the information.

Knowledge is transferred so you need to make sure that the person you are coaching has the skills and abilities to accomplish the assignment and receive the knowledge. Make sure to match you teaching approach with the employee?s primary learning style. When you coach as a motivator you need to learn the passion. You should help the person find meaning in the role, task or assignment. You should be able to build confidence and identify behaviors that reinforce success. Poor coaching wastes the time of people and valuable resources. It creates a hostile and uncomfortable environment and it creates ineffective, resentful individuals.

You need to make an effort to practice effective coaching to avoid the results f poor coaching. Effective coaching transfers knowledge on a timely basis, increases individual motivation and morale, and helps individuals and companies achieve outstanding results. Effective coaching is always specific. It explains what is done well or what needs improvement, discusses relevant skills and tools and the importance of the job. Effective coaching is also always interactive. Instead of lecturing and giving orders to others, an effective coach discusses and advises others. They also ask questions and listens to the employee.

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