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The Comfort Room

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The Comfort Room When I was a young boy, my grandfather had a serious heart attack. He was admitted into the hospital immediately after my grandmother found him lying on the floor. After a couple of weeks, my mother and I received a call to visit my grandfather. As a young child I never realized the importance of comfort. The hospital room he stayed in had a sense of peace about it. Everything including the blue walls, the well lit room and even the luxury of having a television aided my grandfather to a successful recovery.

Comfort played a vital role in his in my grandfather’s recovery process.

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The Comfort Room
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Spending a couple hours with him I began to notice specific details about the room. The first thing I saw was the tone of blue on the walls. It also had a cloud themed surrounding the top of the room as well. The feeling of peace took me back to a beautiful summer’s day with nothing but big bountiful clouds and a shining sun beaming down on me.

Although I never had the chance to ask my grandfather, I’m sure the calm tone of the blue walls and the white clouds allowed him to be in the right frame of mind. Some people might get the impression that a hospital room is a dark gloomy place.

The comfort room as I called it, had a large window to the right of the bed. The window bought light and warmth to the room every bright sunny day. Exposure to the sunlight played a vital role to a natural healing process. Sun light is an important source of vitamin D. The major function of vitamin D is to maintain normal blood levels of calcium. So, naturally having that golden glow of sun, kept my grandfather in good health. Most importantly, the light from the sun made it easier for my grandfather to see my smiling face.

In return, it made him smile and allowed his heart to be filled with love and joy. During the beginning stages of my grandfather’s recovery process, he told me that he endured a lot of pain. Luckily, The History Channel and Sports Center distracted him from most of his discomfort. Right in front of the hospital bed, was a small squared television set. My grandfather was able to access numerous channels throughout his long stay in the hospital. Every morning, he would turn on the television and watch the news. He was able to keep in touch with the outside world.

Everything from sports, history and even comedy helped my grandfather to regain a sense of himself back. The comfort room was just the right place for my grandfather. It set a calm and peaceful vibe throughout. The sun rays not only provided warmth, but it allowed a natural healing process to occur. I thought the television was small, it played a big role in distracting my grandfather from the pain he was feeling. Now that I’m a little older, I understand the importance of comfort. My grandfather is now in good health, thanks to that special comfort room.

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