The Common Earth Essay

Nature is the world around us, the Earth’s natural environment that exists without human intervention and man-made elements - The Common Earth Essay introduction. As humans, we continually manipulate the environment for our own benefit, on the base of feeling superior or all-powerful. It is often forgotten that we are merely one of many organisms, and that we are not able to survive outside of the natural world that we frequently neglect. We have lost the appreciation and gratitude for the natural world we come from, and have been doing our best to destroy it.

In the poem “The Common Living Dirt,” Marge Piercy uses descriptive imagery to convey the beauty of nature, and the idea that we must reconnect and appreciate the dirt and land that we all came from. Similarly, Michael Jackson’s “Earth Song” has a powerful message: stop the destruction of nature and society. Both “The Common Living Dirt” and “Earth Song” address the sabotage of nature, however Jackson’s song is more influential with its powerful, catchy music. Piercy’s poem paints a beautiful picture of nature with a vivid description of images.

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For example, “the fragrant busy soil the worm passes through her gut and the beetle swims in like a lake,” gives the reader a sense of the different living aspects of nature. In the poem, the poet persona speaks to nature itself, and uses personification to describe the different aspects and qualities of nature. Portraying the garden and land in human terms makes it easier to empathize with, and relate to. Piercey emphasizes nature’s beauty and purity, and suggests that we need to realize and appreciate this beauty. However, we attempt to poison the very ground that we have come from, using chemicals and fire.

She states, “…because you can die of the poison that kills the beetle and the slug, we must come again to worship you on our knees, the common living dirt. ” Piercey argues that we can get back in touch with nature and the natural world by worshipping the dirt and treating our gardens like chapels. These are the last lines of the poem, giving it a positive and hopeful finish. Following the same theme of nature is Michael Jackson’s ballad “Nature Song. ” While it similarly addresses the subject of the destruction of nature and the environment, it goes much farther, commenting on the destruction of society in general.

Jackson suggests that humanity has in a sense, collapsed, and that we have brought the world down with us. He sings, “I used to dream, I used to glance beyond the stars, Now I don’t know where we are, Although I know we’ve drifted far. ” He recognizes that the world has travelled very far from its ideal state. While at one point this ideal seemed realistic, too much has changed, and hoping and dreaming for something different is of no use. The song begins with a soft peaceful melody, and discusses aspects of nature that are being ruined and ignored.

As it goes on the topics get deeper, and the song gets angrier. These deeper topics include children dying, forests being burned, and animals being killed. Jackson raises his voice, and essentially yells the last half of the song. The background instruments get more intense also, signifying a buildup of frustration and anger, and Jackson ends the song with the verse, “Do we give a damn. ” This serves to make people think about nature and all the problems he addressed, in an attempt to inspire change and thought. The majority of the song rhymes, in many ways similar to a poem.

However, the catchy tune and music are elements that give it a very different effect. The song incorporates elements of blues, opera and gospel, an. Music reaches more people in today’s culture, especially if it is music from an icon like Michael Jackson. Through these two different mediums, both Jackson and Piercy convey the importance of changing the public’s perception towards nature, and emphasize its role in our society. Piercey is more optimistic, inspiring hope and change, while Jackson ends his song with a question, asking people if they care enough about everything he has said to make any changes.

Both pieces of art address the lack of respect and acknowledgement of the importance of nature, arguing that we have destroyed its original beauty. Piercey writes, “I am in love. You are the bed we all sleep on. You are the food we eat, the food we ate, the food we will become. We are walking trees rooted in you…We have lost the simplest gratitude. ” Similarly, Jackson says, “What about natures worth, it’s our planet’s womb. ” Both artists speak from a special connection with the earth and nature, and it is clear that they deeply value nature and all it brings.

Michael Jackson’s powerful, heartfelt ballad cries out against the destruction of nature and the wrongdoings of society. Marge Piercy’s poem conveys an appreciation for the natural world that we have all come from, but do not respect or cherish. Jackson’s song critiques the apathy of our society, and does so in an accusing and angry manner. While both pieces argue for a change in the way we view and approach the environment, and convey the same message, “Earth Song” is more influential, with catchy and powerful music that makes us think about the way we all live, and how our actions affect our world.

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